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Northumberland Community Care continues to serve clients in face of pandemic


Whether it is a hot meal to an elderly woman or a bit of help around the house for a retired man, Northumberland Community Care has assisted people in need for more than 30 years. The programs are diverse. They include meals on wheels, transportation services for hospital visits, a host of support services to keep people living at home, plus hospice and palliative care. Like so many other organizations, the pandemic left Executive Director Trish Baird and her staff trying to find ways to continue to serve this vulnerable group over the past two months. It took some creativity. Continue Reading →

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Local Navy League leader receives national award for distinguished service



Learning seamanship might sound like something out of a swashbuckling movie like Pirates of the Caribbean. Yet twice a week, about 23 young people between the ages of nine and 12 meet at a hall on Mill Street in Port Hope next to a fish and chip shop to learn the skills of sailors and much more. The Navy League of Northumberland has been a going concern since 2003. And its leader, Lt. Michael Pigeon, was recently recognized for his service to the organization. He received the National President’s Award for his outstanding contribution to the Navy League of Canada and for his work with the local group. Continue Reading →

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Cobourg Public Library adapts during pandemic through innovation and creativity


The Cobourg Public Library is now loaning books through a curb-side pickup. This is all part of a major metamorphosis taking place led by Chief Executive Officer Tammy Robinson and her staff. They are to re-inventing the library and its place in the community. And it is all goes back to the beginning of the pandemic in mid-March.  

The key was to see the opportunities that existed. Continue Reading →

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Nurse voices gratitude on behalf of hospital staff to local sewers, crocheters

It is amazing how small things can really hurt. Take for example a tiny bit of cat kibble under a barefoot on the kitchen floor. A stiff collar rubbing against your neck. A lump in an old chair that won’t disappear no matter how much you shift around. Then, think about wearing a face mask for a 12-hour shift. Continue Reading →

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Sewing surgical caps to hospital is the “right thing to do”, says Port Hope man

Recently, a call went out from Northumberland Hills Hospital. It needed washable face masks, surgical caps, scrub bags, and mask buddies, a knitted item that makes wearing a face mask all day way more comfortable. Tim Badgley, a Port Hope resident, saw a the post on social media. He is a semi-retired businessman who owned an interior design shop for 26 years in the downtown. But before the hospital made its appeal, Tim was already busy. Continue Reading →

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Tractor parade allows local farmers to pay tribute to hospital staff

It is one thing to slow down to go around a tractor on a backroad. But it is certainly another when you get 70 tractors, trucks, sprayers and other vehicles lined up. That is what happened recently. It was a tractor parade to pay tribute to frontline workers at Northumberland Hills Hospital and the Golden Plough Lodge. It was organized by the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture. Continue Reading →

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Food4All continues to supply local food banks while preparing for potential increase in demand

The meeting of uncontrolled forces of a pandemic, combined with economic uncertainty, is placing a hardship on many people. For some, it is difficult to provide for the most basic needs like shelter and food. Local food banks help people who face this insecurity, whether it is a family or an individual. During the pandemic, local food banks remain open. On average, in West Northumberland, they serve more than 600 households every month. Continue Reading →

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NHH nurse inspires colleagues, family and friends to help those in need


It feels good to acknowledge the staff at Northumberland Hills Hospital – all the doctors, nurses, technicians – everybody right down to the cleaning staff are making great sacrifices. They are part of a legion of essential workers toiling every day in the face of a deadly pandemic trying to keep our upside-down world going. In the midst of all the chaos, there are still those who can look around them and be moved by the possible suffering of others. This story is one such example of the many acts of generosity going on in Northumberland County. It is how one nurse inspired an entire hospital to give a little bit extra in the face of giving it all each and every day. Continue Reading →

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Passion for music behind Oriana Singers use of technology to rehearse, says director

A renowned yoga master once said, “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

These are words to live by, especially when we are being asked to quarantine ourselves. To go outside is so invigorating. Raking the lawn or sitting on the deck or find a secluded place to take a walk. It can be transforming. Some are saying if you can’t get outside, throw open a window to get the fresh air. Continue Reading →

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