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Food4All continues to supply local food banks while preparing for potential increase in demand

The meeting of uncontrolled forces of a pandemic, combined with economic uncertainty, is placing a hardship on many people. For some, it is difficult to provide for the most basic needs like shelter and food. Local food banks help people who face this insecurity, whether it is a family or an individual. During the pandemic, local food banks remain open. On average, in West Northumberland, they serve more than 600 households every month. Continue Reading →

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NHH nurse inspires colleagues, family and friends to help those in need


It feels good to acknowledge the staff at Northumberland Hills Hospital – all the doctors, nurses, technicians – everybody right down to the cleaning staff are making great sacrifices. They are part of a legion of essential workers toiling every day in the face of a deadly pandemic trying to keep our upside-down world going. In the midst of all the chaos, there are still those who can look around them and be moved by the possible suffering of others. This story is one such example of the many acts of generosity going on in Northumberland County. It is how one nurse inspired an entire hospital to give a little bit extra in the face of giving it all each and every day. Continue Reading →

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