New report shows violence against women on rise; so what is being done?

Violence Against Women in Northumberland

Opportunities for strategic alliances exist across the region

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The full interview with bonus material:

The numbers are not new. For some, they may not even be shocking. Violence Against Women in Northumberland is on the rise. Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre, the Cobourg police, and others will tell you the same thing. What makes this report from Thrive Northumberland different is how it brings the situation into a sharp perspective. Continue Reading →

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Council still must vote as Cobourg Deputy Mayor aims for zero to one precent budget increase for 2021

Multimillion proposal to fix harbour in the draft budget

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The full interview with lots of bonus material, including additional areas of the budget not discussed in the show:

This interview looks at a draft of the Cobourg town budget. Last year, it was $24 million. And, the town is currently sitting at a 1.9 percent increase. However, Deputy Mayor Suzanne Seguin aims to get that figure down to zero or, at most, one percent. You will want to hear how she hopes to do that in the face of the council’s fiscal challenges. Continue Reading →

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The passing of a community figure and a special Christmas for the homeless

Lydia Smith and Paul Pagnuelo

(On Monday, I was asked by Northumberland 89.7 FM to produce the newscast. These are two local stories I did for the 4 p.m. update.)

The co-founder of the Cobourg Taxpayers Association and a well-known community volunteer died on Christmas Day. Paul Pagnuelo, 73, had been ill for several years. Pagnuelo might best be remembered as a candidate for deputy mayor in the 2014 municipal election. He was defeated by John Henderson, who is the current mayor. Continue Reading →

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High-tech, innovative video surveillance system coming to Cobourg Police via Venture 13


The full interview with bonus material:

Imagine for a moment: every security camera in Cobourg, keeping an eye out for criminal activity. This is not just the cameras in ATMs at banks or systems in businesses along King Street. This is a store security camera at Wal-Mart, a camera scanning the Yacht Club storage, and, get this, every doorbell camera in the town. That’s right – the security cameras are located in people’s doorbells. It is known as a security mesh video system. Continue Reading →

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