Need for services; justice for all, says Northumberland Legal Aid executive director


Northumberland Legal Aid Executive Director Lois Cromarty unpacks the impact of the Ontario government’s cuts to services across the province and in Northumberland County specifically. While the government argues the demand for services is dropping,  Cromarty argues the need is as great as ever. Listen as she makes her case. Originally broadcast: May 10, 2019 Continue Reading →

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Kids hold key for local environmentalists at special event in Port Hope

A group of parents and their kids living in Port Hope joined with environmental activists around the world for Futures for Friday Canada. The event took place on May 3, 2019, at Memorial Park, where children spoke and did activities around the crisis surrounding climate change. Claire Holloway Wadhwani, a spokesperson for the local chapter of Fridays for Future Canada, talked about the event, its importance and the role of children in raising awareness about climate change. Originally broadcast: May 3, 2019 Continue Reading →

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Rising water levels set records as experts explain why

Water levels for the Lake Ontario shoreline across Northumberland County are rising to unprecedented levels. All spring, local conservation authorities have struggled to stay on top of conditions along creeks, rivers, and lakes. Listen as Mike Smith, water resources technician for the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority, and  Janet Noyes, manager for development services and water resources for the Lower Trent Region Conservation Authority, discuss the impact of these high waters, as well as explain why it is taking place. Originally broadcast: May 3, 2019 Continue Reading →

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Cobourg council’s switch over salary increases leaves taxpayer’s group stunned

In a stunning turnaround, the Cobourg Taxpayers Association was left stunned after council changed its mind over the proposed increase in salary championed by the group. CTA member Paul Pagnuelo describes the group’s shock and dismay, as well as giving insight into why the association lobbied for proposal. Continue Reading →

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Ontario town crier championships June 1 in Cobourg’s Rotary Park big challenge for local heralder

Cobourg town crier Mandy Robinson talks about the Ontario Town Crier Championships being held in Rotary Park, next to the Marina, Saturday, June 1, 2019, starting at 9 a.m. and again at 11 a.m. It will then move to Grafton for the finals at the Grafton Inn. The public is welcome to watch. Robinson explains the attraction of being a town crier, along with all the challenges criers face when competing. She also explains her own approach and her preparation for the contest. Continue Reading →

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