Rebuilding the annual campaign to rebuild Northumberland is goal for United Way

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Podcast of the full interview with bonus material

Thanksgiving took place earlier this week. It is a time when we give thanks for the fall harvest. This story is about the Northumberland United Way annual fundraising campaign. It launched at the start of October. But like so many things, it is not the same during the pandemic. Continue Reading →

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New book about HMS Speedy gives fresh insight into Indigenous side of story


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This time of year, as the fall colours are changing, it is nice to drive to Presqu’ile Park in the county’s east end. Driving along the most southerly part of the park, the view of Lake Ontario in October can be deceiving. On a bright, sunlit day, the billowing clouds over the blue waters offer a spectacular view. But when the weather grows colder, and a gale appears, the beauty disappears. It is replaced by an angry, violent turmoil of waves and wind. Continue Reading →

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Northumberland Hills Hospital prepares as second wave of pandemic getting underway

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If you know anything about Boy Scouts, you would likely recognize its motto: Be Prepared. Our stories this week are about being prepared. This story is about Northumberland Hills Hospital’s preparation for the second wave of the pandemic. The provincial government, health officials, and others acknowledged the beginning of the second wave earlier this week. Forecasting models are showing a doubling of new cases every 10 to 12 days. Continue Reading →

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Preparations underway for Poppy Campaign 2020 as Grafton Legion faces pandemic challenges

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Earlier this week, the Royal Canadian Legion announced major changes to the 2020 National Poppy Campaign. Starting on October 30 in response to the pandemic, the legions will be discouraged from setting up donation tables or placing volunteers at business entrances and other public locations. However, it is introducing a new tap-and-pay technology called Pay Tribute. It will choose select locations across the country to use this new system. Supporters are also being asked to go to the Legion’s website to donate. Continue Reading →

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Impact of residential schools on generations of children felt in Alderville, says Chief Dave Mowat

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Sitting on the Second Line Road, just a short drive east of the Alderville Memorial on County Road 45, is a white, long building next to a very old United Church. The elongated building stretching back from the road is home to the administration offices of the Alderville First Nation. But before that, it was a Day School for the local Indigenous community. Prior to that, it was an industrial school dating back to 1838 when the government of Upper Canada decided it wanted to train boys from Indigenous communities. They took these children from their families in Alderville, Mud Lake, and Lake Scugog to turn them into tradespeople. Continue Reading →

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