‘Saving the journalism industry will require community support’

With American technology companies Facebook and Google collecting around 80 per cent of digital advertising revenue in Canada, some media companies are pushing against their “monopolistic” practices for a fairer playing field. – Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star At least 250 Canadian newspapers have shut down since 2013. […]
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Housing prices rise in Northumberland County despite pandemic economy, says real estate association president



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The average price of a house in Northumberland was about $620,000 in September. There are bidding wars going on right now for homes. When a home comes on the market, bids start almost right away. Before, it might have taken a couple of days for things to heat up. It’s crazy busy for agents. Continue Reading →

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Addressing the challenge of race relations in Northumberland is difficult, says committee chair

WARNING: Some people may find parts of this story disturbing. Podcast from show

The full interview with bonus material

Back in the summer, I posted a picture to my Facebook page from a photojournalist friend. It was a picture of two garden statues of Black children. They were dressed in overalls and straw hats and they were fishing. It was right out of Mark Twain, but it was in Northumberland County. Continue Reading →

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Health unit recommends staying home, but for those who go out, here is some advice

Halloween is meant to be a scary time. It is time to dress up, celebrate ghosts, and remember the dead (more maybe even see a zombie). The annual festivities are a welcome time in the fall. This year, Halloween is even scarier. With the pandemic in its second wave and rising numbers of cases of COVID-19, parents are once more the public is being asked to take great care and caution to ensure the virus is not spread. Continue Reading →

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