Eight new nurses hired as health unit collaborates with school boards as classrooms reopen

As the clock ticks down to the reopening of local schools, the debate over safety and the concerns of parents, teachers, and others continue to be hashed over in meetings and in public. School boards are finalizing plans while reaching out to parents to keep them informed. Yet, in some aspects,  it is a very fluid situation. Teachers unions are seeking the intervention of the Ministry of Labour, adding uncertainty. The province is making last-minute decisions to provide school boards with flexibility around opening dates. Continue Reading →

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Health unit continues inspections and tracking as braces for fall season

In the face of the pandemic, the transition to fall represents a pivotal moment on many levels. The most significant is the prediction of a potential second wave of the COVID-19 virus spreading. Students from kindergarten to university and college will be returning to the classroom either face-to-face or online. School boards and educators are working diligently to ensure students and teachers will be safe. For the rest of us, it has been around two months since the provincial government slowly transitioned into Stage 3 of its Economic Recovery plan. Continue Reading →

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Local MP shares insight and inside story about Conservative Party leadership victory

Back in January, when I last interviewed local MP Philip Lawrence, he was tight-lipped about who he was about to endorse for the leadership race for the Conservative Party of Canada. It was very early days. Peter MacKay had announced. Lawrence said nothing. Then, a few days later, Durham MP Erin O’Toole raised his hand. Continue Reading →

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Teachers prepare to return to the classroom in Northumberland in the face of pandemic

August always brings a sense of anticipation for teachers preparing for another year at school. But nothing can match the challenges facing educators returning to classrooms this fall. The pandemic has placed huge stresses on those in front of students regardless of their age. They must create a learning environment that is safe from a deadly virus. Educators need to protect the students and themselves. Continue Reading →

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