Residents and politicians express deep concern over cell tower proposal at Port Hope council meeting


Members of the public and several Port Hope councillors were critical of a consultant at a regular council meeting on July 9 over a proposed cell tower near Campbellcroft. Two delegations and several politicians expressed concerns about a cell tower proposed for 1564 Oak Hill Road. Chris Leggett and Collin Lavery from Spectra Point attended the meeting to summarize the proposal for council. The Eastern Ontario Regional Network and Rogers Communications are working with the consultants to improve wireless communication in rural Port Hope. This initiative aims to improve access to broadband and cellular services in Eastern Ontario. Continue Reading →

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Mother pleads with Brighton council to reduce speed limit after near fatal accident


A distraught mother begged Brighton council to take action to lower the speed limit on County Road 2 in the east end near No Frills after a recent near-fatal accident involving her son. In an emotional presentation to politicians at the June 24 regular council meeting, Sarah BouDiab Nader described an incident on May 31 at nearly 9 a.m. as her son was preparing to board a school bus. As he stepped out, a truck sped by the bus, almost hitting him, she told council. Had it not been for her quick action of grabbing his coat and pulling him back, he would have died, she said, fighting back tears. Nader has three children. Continue Reading →

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Hospital scholarship winner shares experiences, goals, and dreams for future in nursing

Northumberland HIlls Hospital

The show:

The full interview with bonus material:


For more than two decades, Northumberland Hills Hospital has handed out scholarships to budding health professionals from the county. The prize is a $1,500 cheque. It may not seem like a lot. But when you are a student, every penny counts. Earlier this month, Hospital Board Chair Beth Selby presented the scholarships to two students: Anne Mead and Ella Watson. Continue Reading →

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Opponents get break on Cobourg stormwater fees, but others sectors make up for it

Stormwater management flood


Cobourg council decided to proceed with changes to its stormwater management rates to satisfy residents’ concerns at its meeting on June 26. After nearly an hour of debate, councillors voted five to two to reduce some rates that apply to vacant landowners, cemeteries, and farmers. However, the lost revenues will now be placed on commercial and industrial landowners. Landowners charged under the previous system will also receive a rebate. A report looking at the implications of the new system is expected to come back in September. Continue Reading →

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Alnwick-Haldimand Township council approves final tweaks on short-term rental bylaws



After over a year of tweaking, Alnwick-Haldimand Township council finalized its short-term rental bylaw at its June 25 meeting. In the spring of 2023, the controversial bylaw was opposed by residents and business owners. Residents were upset about the noise and other offences at some short-term rental properties, and business owners felt the original bylaw was too restrictive and unfair. It was sent back to staff, and an ad hoc committee was formed to review it. After several iterations, the bylaw returned and was approved by council in November 2023. Continue Reading →

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