Seguin shares 2019 budget deliberations as council prepares to deliver final vote.

Cobourg Deputy Mayor Suzanne Seguin discusses how council came to a slightly less than two per cent budget increase for 2019. She also sheds light on her perspective on how to pay for affordable housing and community grants without raising taxes. She also gives a frank assessment of proposed increases in council salaries and the role the Cobourg Taxpayers Association and others provided input.   Continue Reading →

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Cobourg launches its own affordable housing plans with $250,000, says town’s planning coordinator

Cobourg Councillor Nicole Beatty, the coordinator of planning and development, outlines the town’s plans to address affordable housing. While the proposal is in its infancy, Beatty unpacks why the town has put aside $250,000 to look at the formation of a new social planning and community development advisory committee, as well as creating a new housing support policy.   Continue Reading →

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Hybrid health care is one of 10 things to save Canada’s system, says author

A two-tiered health care is one of several things necessary to repair what is wrong, says Stephen Skyvington, author of a new book titled This May Hurt a Bit: reinventing Canada’s health care system. In an interview with Consider This Northumberland, Skyvington gives his critique of the Ontario government’s recent proposals to overhaul the province’s system, as well as dissecting the Canada Health Care Act. He goes on to provide his 10 fixes as recommendations to those in charge as to what can be done to change things right now. Continue Reading →

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Insights into Cobourg’s cultural master plan by a politician and a patron of local culture


Cobourg impresario Ken Prue, owner of the Loft, and Cobourg Councillor Adam Bureau talk about the work currently underway regarding the cultural master plan for the town. Consultants MDB Insights are leading the process with a series of focus groups and public meetings to gather input. A public meeting is set for March 21, 2019, at the Cobourg Community Centre, starting at 6 p.m.

The $65,000 study is meant to shape the town’s direction, not only to help enhance the arts and cultural life locally but to also find economic opportunities, as well. Prue provides insights into the significance of the study for those who actually work within the cultural community, while Bureau gives the political perspective. Continue Reading →

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