Local activist commemorates 30th anniversary of Montreal Massacre

Thirty-years ago today at about 5 p.m., Marc Lapine calmly walked into a mechanical engineering class at the Ecole Polytechnique and ordered men and women to stand on opposite sides of the room. The men were told to leave the room. Nine women were left. Lapine told the women he was fighting feminism. Then, he proceeded to shoot them all, killing six women

Lapine left the classroom and wandered the halls, randomly shooting women for the next 20 minutes before turning the gun on himself. Continue Reading →

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How lucky we are hospital cuts are not hitting us…yet, says lobbyist

The complexity of the changes to the healthcare system currently underway within the province, the Ontario Tories are making some serious cuts, along with major retooling. Ontario Health Coalition Executive Director Natalie Mehra was interviewed by Dave Glove and myself on Nov. 26, 2019. Inside this interview are examples of the stark contrast between the macro and micro changes taking place. While major cuts to hospitals elsewhere are taking place, Northumberland Hills Hospital has received about $6 million in the past 18 months from two consecutive governments. Continue Reading →

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Millions needed for waterfront upgrades as Cobourg council moves forward

You might recall back in the spring a proposal was brought forward by the town’s director of culture parks and recreation to move forward on the revitalization of Cobourg’s waterfront – in particular the east pier and the campground at the bottom of Division Street. Council split in its decision to put the proposal on hold until public consultations took place and a deadline of November was given to come back after residents had an opportunity for input. Well, the reports came back and the council is moving forward. And, just to make things a bit more complicated, the Willow Beach Field Naturalists stepped forward earlier this month to propose a Natural Heritage Waterfront Park for the west beach. The person on council responsible for the waterfront is none other than my next guest, Cobourg Councillor Emily Chorley. Continue Reading →

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Transition House seeks dialogue to resolve concerns in neighbourhood, board members say

A group residents and business owners calling themselves the Good Neighbour Coalition Cobourg has started campaign to address concerns related to Transition House, the only emergency shelter for homeless people in Northumberland County. Two of the group’s representatives, Alyson King and Grace Lovekin, appeared before Cobourg council Monday night to make their case. They told councillors since Transition House reopened just over a year ago, “the neighbourhood has experienced increased and recurring problems with public drug use, people sleeping outdoors, verbal abuse and intimidation, disruptions day and night including physical altercations, theft, and break-ins. While Transition House may not be the “cause” of these problems, it is clearly associated with them as the problems did not occur at this level until it reopened”. With me in the studio are Taylor Nelson, a member of the Board of Directors for Transition House and Marsha Jones, chair of the Board of Directors for Transition House. Continue Reading →

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Cornerstone director speaks candidly about local workplace abuse

Earlier this week, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook – the guy in charge of all the McD’s worldwide, was fired for violating the company’s policy by having a consensual relationship with a subordinate employee. Easterbrook is divorced, and it’s not illegal to have a consensual relationship with a work subordinate. However, the power dynamic is problematic, as a subordinate may feel forced into a relationship to keep his or her job. Corporate executives have long gotten away with this behavior, but that’s starting to change. Easterbrook’s firing shows how strict companies have become about workplace dating as stories of rampant sexual harassment have rocked the business world, as well as entertainment and politics. Continue Reading →

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