Local conference hopes to inspire women entrepreneurs from around the world



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Almost 40 percent of self-employed Canadians are women. Of all the small businesses in the country, 16% percent are run by women. Women launch the majority of start-ups in Canada. It’s impressive, but being a businesswoman is tough. Eighty percent of women use their own money to start a business because banks and other traditional lenders aren’t always helpful. Continue Reading →

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The future of former youth detention centre, including historic mansion, still to be determined

Sitting on the edge of a 70-acre piece of prime real estate on King Street, in the east end of Cobourg, sits Strathmore House. You might know it as the administration building for the Brookside Youth Detention Centre. It is one of the last palatial historic homes from the 19th century in Cobourg. It was built in the mid-1870s by a local lawyer and county court judge, George M. Clark. He was born in Belleville and moved to Cobourg as a young man to start apprentice as a lawyer. Continue Reading →

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Controversy between snowmobile club and county over use of Northumberland Forest trails

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There is a controversy over an agreement between Northumberland County and a local snowmobile club over the use of the Northumberland Forest. I spoke with County Warden Bob Crate and with the president of the Great Pine Ridge Snowmobile Association, Steve Horner. The snowmobile club sent its usual agreement, one that is was signed by the county in the past. It is also used by other snowmobile clubs and nearly every other municipality in Ontario. But this year, it was different. Continue Reading →

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Happy Birthday, James! A special interview with a Father of Confederation, first speaker of the House of Commons

This is going to be a very special interview with Consider This Northumberland. It is meant for a different audience. I am hoping there are lots of young listeners today. I have an extraordinary guest just for them. Now, you may be a kid in a classroom or a youth studying at home, or a young person at heart. Continue Reading →

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Surviving the pandemic: two women entrepreneurs from Northumberland share their stories

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Businesses are struggling during the pandemic. No question. The uncertainty surrounding what comes next is a major factor. For some, finding the resources to make the necessary changes – to pivot – is difficult. There are many provincial and federal programs meant to assist them. But not everyone meets the criteria. Continue Reading →

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