Sewing surgical caps to hospital is the “right thing to do”, says Port Hope man

Recently, a call went out from Northumberland Hills Hospital. It needed washable face masks, surgical caps, scrub bags, and mask buddies, a knitted item that makes wearing a face mask all day way more comfortable. Tim Badgley, a Port Hope resident, saw a the post on social media. He is a semi-retired businessman who owned an interior design shop for 26 years in the downtown. But before the hospital made its appeal, Tim was already busy. Continue Reading →

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Northumberland tourism businesses responding to pandemic, says county manager

Tourism is a major contributor to the regional economy. It brings $122 million to the county annually. And, while it is most obvious during the seasonal period between the Victoria Day weekend through to Thanksgiving, it sustains many related businesses. It directly employs about seven per cent of the county’s workforce. Just think about all the weekend events, Canada Day, festivals, and other attractions, not to forget the cottage rentals, marinas and boat launches that give recreational opportunities to a wide variety of people from across Ontario, Quebec and the United States. Continue Reading →

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DBIA meeting challenges of pandemic while preparing for future, says interim chair

Many will tell you small business is the heart of the Canadian economy. It is certainly at the core locally. When the provincial government issued its emergency order back in March, it divided things into essential and non-essential services. Those that were essential were to keep operating. The rest would be closed down. Continue Reading →

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