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What I am telling young journalists applying to j-school

By Robert Washburn

Over the past few months, numerous students expressed concern over their choice to become a journalist in the face of great uncertainty regarding the future of the news industry. I tell them it is like looking at an ancient forest after a horrendous fire, similar to those going on right now across North America. Yes, it looks bad, really bad. Everything that has existed for so long is destroyed. But, if you listen to scientists, they will tell you that Mother Nature is simply doing her thing. Continue Reading →

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A striking resemblance in Movember

By Robert Washburn

One of the first things that struck me when I saw a picture of myself without facial hair last week was the resemblance to my father. That might not be a big deal in many people’s mind, but it was huge for me. No one wants to be like his or her parents. We all grow up thinking we are going to be different. We are a new generation, full of hope and aspirations. Continue Reading →

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Testing east pier safety taking place Wednesday, says town engineer

By Robert Washburn

A contractor will do an unplanned ultrasound test of the east pier Wednesday to determine its safety prior to the midway rides for Canada Day, council decided Monday night. Public Works Director Barry Thrasher said the east pier will be closed all day to allow the company to do the $6,000 study and a draft report is expected within a few days to settle growing concerns about the safety of the rides for the Waterfront Festival on Canada Day weekend. (more…) Continue Reading →

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The precarious world of temporary work

By Deborah o’Connor

When Bakkavor Foods announced a few short months ago it was setting up shop in the Lucas Point Industrial Park in Cobourg, promises of up to 150 jobs were heralded as a victory for the town and unemployed workers in the area. Scheduled to open in April 2011, 30 jobs were up for grabs with a goal of 70 in total after two more years. The company, a subsidiary of Bakkavor Foods U.S.A., based in the United Kingdom, employs 19,000 workers in 10 countries around the world. They process fresh agricultural products to sell in supermarkets, and with Cobourg so close to both farms and Highway 401, our location is just right for their business. (more…) Continue Reading →

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