Conversations Towards Reconciliation

Podcast with Alderville First Nation Chief Taynar Simpson

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Access to medical care and relations with the federal Conservatives are discussed with Alderville Chief

Former Cree Grand Chief Matthew Mukash


Access to medical treatment for Indigenous people living in the far north is a challenge. In this episode of Conversations Towards Reconciliation, Taynar Simpson, the Alderville First Nation chief, will explore this timely issue. Recently, the CBC reported on Cree grand chief Matthew Mukash, who spent four days in an ER hallway. Simpson will also talk about efforts by the national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Cindy Woodhouse, who is trying to make inroads with Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, hoping to forestall the tensions and angst that marked the party’s last time in power. And, as always, there is lots of news and information about what is happening in Alderville. Continue Reading →

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New Marvel series’ portrayal of Indigenous people and critique of recent federal boil water funding

The show:

Marvel Studios is getting praise from some corners for its new series Echo, as some say it is good to see an Indigenous superhero portrayed. Alderville Chief Taynar Simpson will explain what it means to have Indigenous representation in critical roles in the entertainment industry. He will discuss the new streaming series and the history of Indigenous representation and a new mobile game, Contest of Champions, that has added an Indigenous character who is a survivor of the Sixties Scoop. Then,  Simpson will discuss a new $6-billion investment in the water infrastructure of First Nations reserves. It is part of an ongoing promise to fix the boil water advisories plaguing Indigenous people. Continue Reading →

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Relations with Northumberland municipalities and Assembly of First Nations

In December, Alderville First Nation Chief Taynar Simpson attended the Assembly of First Nations annual general meeting in Ottawa. A new chief for the assembly, Cindy Woodhouse, was elected. In this show, you will hear Simpson talk about Woodhouse and the significance of her election. And you will also learn about several other key issues, including child welfare, housing, economic development, and policing. In the second segment, Simpson will discuss a critical concept called the duty to consult. It addresses the responsibility of various levels of government to consult with Indigenous people. Continue Reading →

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Understanding treaty obligations and 10th anniversary of the solar farm


The show:

Understanding treaty obligations is critical to appreciating how Indigenous people respond to a long list of issues. In the first segment, Alderville First Nation Chief Taynar Simpson explains treaty rights and their significance for other First Nations and Alderville. In the second segment, he talks about a community celebration. This past fall, Alderville’s solar farm commemorated its 10th anniversary. This pioneering project to generate green energy was completed in October 2013. Continue Reading →

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