Relations with Northumberland municipalities and Assembly of First Nations


The Assembly of First Nations held it annual general meeting in November where it elected its new chief, Cindy Woodhouse.

In December, Alderville First Nation Chief Taynar Simpson attended the Assembly of First Nations annual general meeting in Ottawa. A new chief for the assembly, Cindy Woodhouse, was elected.

In this show, you will hear Simpson talk about Woodhouse and the significance of her election. And you will also learn about several other key issues, including child welfare, housing, economic development, and policing.

In the second segment, Simpson will discuss a critical concept called the duty to consult. It addresses the responsibility of various levels of government to consult with Indigenous people.

Nationally, this covers the federal government’s responsibility to talk with Indigenous people before legislation or actions affect them. The duty to consult impacts provincial issues like the Greenbelt and Ministerial Zoning orders, says Simpson.

What is not often discussed is the relationship between municipalities in Northumberland and the interactions with Alderville First Nation.

Originally aired Dec. 19, 2023

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