New Marvel series’ portrayal of Indigenous people and critique of recent federal boil water funding

Marvel Studios released its latest offering earlier this month on Disney Plus. The series is called Echo. The lead character is Indigenous-Latin American, played by Trace Maya Lopez.

The show:

Marvel Studios is getting praise from some corners for its new series Echo, as some say it is good to see an Indigenous superhero portrayed.

Alderville Chief Taynar Simpson will explain what it means to have Indigenous representation in critical roles in the entertainment industry. He will discuss the new streaming series and the history of Indigenous representation and a new mobile game, Contest of Champions, that has added an Indigenous character who is a survivor of the Sixties Scoop.

Then,  Simpson will discuss a new $6-billion investment in the water infrastructure of First Nations reserves. It is part of an ongoing promise to fix the boil water advisories plaguing Indigenous people. There are still 28 reserves facing boil water advisories in Canada. Some of these go back more than 30 years. He will also announce critical dates for the Alderville community to claim compensation funds for earlier local advisories.

Originally aired: Jan. 16, 2024


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