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Impact of residential schools on generations of children felt in Alderville, says Chief Dave Mowat

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Sitting on the Second Line Road, just a short drive east of the Alderville Memorial on County Road 45, is a white, long building next to a very old United Church. The elongated building stretching back from the road is home to the administration offices of the Alderville First Nation. But before that, it was a Day School for the local Indigenous community. Prior to that, it was an industrial school dating back to 1838 when the government of Upper Canada decided it wanted to train boys from Indigenous communities. They took these children from their families in Alderville, Mud Lake, and Lake Scugog to turn them into tradespeople. Continue Reading →

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Drought hits crops hard, but food supply secure says Northumberland farmers

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Six months ago, I spoke with this same group of farmers from the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture. The lockdown had just started. Some grocery store shelves were empty. Everyone was buying toilet paper. You could not find yeast to save your soul because people started bake bread at home. Continue Reading →

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Local MP shares insight and inside story about Conservative Party leadership victory

Back in January, when I last interviewed local MP Philip Lawrence, he was tight-lipped about who he was about to endorse for the leadership race for the Conservative Party of Canada. It was very early days. Peter MacKay had announced. Lawrence said nothing. Then, a few days later, Durham MP Erin O’Toole raised his hand. Continue Reading →

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Teachers prepare to return to the classroom in Northumberland in the face of pandemic

August always brings a sense of anticipation for teachers preparing for another year at school. But nothing can match the challenges facing educators returning to classrooms this fall. The pandemic has placed huge stresses on those in front of students regardless of their age. They must create a learning environment that is safe from a deadly virus. Educators need to protect the students and themselves. Continue Reading →

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School board releases draft plan for return to school as parents express deep concerns

A burning issue for many parents right now is sending children back to school. Whether it is kindergarten, high school, college, or university, making a decision about what to do can be gut-wrenching. Things are compounded by the ever-changing landscape as the provincial government keeps making announcements and school board release their plans. Then, the media is full of varying perspectives from experts and others trying to weigh in with advice. Today’s show tries to shed some light on what is happening in Northumberland. Continue Reading →

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Elgin Park redevelopment gets financial boost from feds and province



Federal, provincial, and local politicians gathered at the corner of Elgin and Darcy streets to announce a $5.7 million grant. It will more than double the existing affordable housing from 18 units to 40. The multi-phase project represents a huge upgrade to the existing buildings that were originally constructed in the 1960s. Rebecca Carman,  the Manager, Housing Services for Northumberland County, explains. The housing mix will expand what is already there. Continue Reading →

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Cobourg police board seeks public input on use of body cameras

Charges of racism and police violence have renewed calls in Canada for frontline officers to wear body cameras. The debate is taking place across the country. From the RCMP to Toronto’s police, Indigenous groups and Black Lives Matters are calling for officers to wear video recording devices on their chests. The longtime debate over the need to wear body cameras is coming to Cobourg. As part of its technology and innovation strategy, the Police Services Board wants your opinion. Continue Reading →

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International conspiracy ideas finding their way into Northumberland, says expert

Near Colborne on three huge pieces of old weathered plywood are spray-painted messages. They read: no mandatory vaccines, not my new normal and a third has a large letter Q.

The Q on the roadside sign can stand for QAnon, a conspiracy theory once held by far-right extremists. But it is gaining mainstream acceptance in the United States and Canada, as well as around the world. Similar messages are being delivered across social media groups in Northumberland. They are also found in the chants of protesters and people’s conversations across the county. Continue Reading →

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