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Elgin Park redevelopment gets financial boost from feds and province



Federal, provincial, and local politicians gathered at the corner of Elgin and Darcy streets to announce a $5.7 million grant. It will more than double the existing affordable housing from 18 units to 40. The multi-phase project represents a huge upgrade to the existing buildings that were originally constructed in the 1960s. Rebecca Carman,  the Manager, Housing Services for Northumberland County, explains. The housing mix will expand what is already there. Continue Reading →

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Cobourg police board seeks public input on use of body cameras

Charges of racism and police violence have renewed calls in Canada for frontline officers to wear body cameras. The debate is taking place across the country. From the RCMP to Toronto’s police, Indigenous groups and Black Lives Matters are calling for officers to wear video recording devices on their chests. The longtime debate over the need to wear body cameras is coming to Cobourg. As part of its technology and innovation strategy, the Police Services Board wants your opinion. Continue Reading →

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International conspiracy ideas finding their way into Northumberland, says expert

Near Colborne on three huge pieces of old weathered plywood are spray-painted messages. They read: no mandatory vaccines, not my new normal and a third has a large letter Q.

The Q on the roadside sign can stand for QAnon, a conspiracy theory once held by far-right extremists. But it is gaining mainstream acceptance in the United States and Canada, as well as around the world. Similar messages are being delivered across social media groups in Northumberland. They are also found in the chants of protesters and people’s conversations across the county. Continue Reading →

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New county committees promise more public engagement, openness and transparency, says warden

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In an effort to become more open and transparent, Northumberland County Council recently approved a new system of committees. This is not new. The county used to have a number of citizen-driven advisory groups. But following the amalgamation in the mid-1990s, those fell by the wayside. Recently county councillors approved a new parliamentary-style system of committees. Continue Reading →

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Massive initiative to coordinate county community services needs public input

As the provincial government lunges forward into Phase 3 of the reopening of the economy, it can be hard to track all that is going on in Northumberland. County bureaucrats are moving quickly on multiple fronts seeking input on everything from budget to a strategy to support tourism. But it is not alone. Premier Doug Ford is out and about doing some political campaign-style stops across the province, attempting to ride the momentum of the relaxing of regulations, requirements, and numerous guidelines everyone has faced over the past five months. Mix this with people’s deep desire to return to the way it was before the pandemic can leave us all a bit heady. Continue Reading →

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Major funding announcement plus sage advice from hospital CEO

There is a different energy when the premier and the minister of health show up to a funding announcement. To have Doug Ford and Christine Elliot, along with local MPP David Piccini, handing out major money for Northumberland Hills Hospital and Campbellford Memorial Hospital, is exciting. After years of penny-pinching, cutbacks, and efficiencies, everyone from the cleaners to the board of directors takes notice. But as with any funding announcement, there are a lot of numbers to sort through. What sounds like one thing is often not so clear. Continue Reading →

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Rethinking the future of statue in front of Port Hope town hall

The death of George Floyd, the 46-year old man who died while in the custody in the Minneapolis police, became a lightning rod for intense debate. Even in Northumberland County, there were protests held to draw attention to the issues of unfair treatment of Indigenous and Black people, as well as other minorities. Out of these concerns, other discussions have emerged, reflected both globally and locally. One of those debates is over the statue of Lt. Colonel Arthur Williams in front of Port Hope town hall. It raises concerns about aggrandizing historic figures who represent people who participated in racist activities. Continue Reading →

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Nurses protest outside MPP’s office seeking right to negotiate contract, says union leader

This is the first of a two-part podcast looking at the issues facing local nurses at Northumberland Hills Hospital. The first episode deals with a protest held on June 19, 2020, outside the office of MPP David Piccini in Port Hope. The second episode goes inside the hospital to look at what it is like to be a nurse working during a deadly pandemic. Please listen to both episodes. 

Driving throughout Northumberland County, there are many lawn signs praising the work of frontline workers, especially those in healthcare. Many people, including Premier Doug Ford, have called them heroes. Continue Reading →

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County economic task force recommends mask wearing mandatory in stores to build consumer confidence

County Economic Development Director Dan Borowec co-chairs the Northumberland Economic Recovery Task Force with Brendan Cunneen, a well-respected retired businessman. Together they are working with representatives from all the various sectors of the local economy to figure out what is needed to help businesses restart during the pandemic. It is not an easy task and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Three recommendations were released on June 5 for immediate action as the committee continues to work toward a major report to be done later this summer. The recommendations went before Northumberland County Council on June 17, 2020. Continue Reading →

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