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New provincial animal welfare system impacts local humane society, says general manager

Since July, the Northumberland Humane Society in Port Hope took on the duties of animal welfare investigation and enforcement. With that announcement came a timeline. The province said there was some new legislation in the pipeline and the situation would be reviewed in the new year. Well, this week the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act 2019 (notice the acronym is PAWS.) was announced by the solicitor general. It means there will be some changes coming in January. Continue Reading →

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Hamilton Township ratepayers seek 2020 budget input, says citizen’s council

A group of concerned citizens came together in 2015 in an effort to take a more positive approach to engaging with the Hamilton Township council. There was a long history of citizen activism in the township dating back to the 1990s that was inspired mostly by the amalgamation talks of the day. In between then and more recently, the group would be activated around a single burning issue, according to some. This is what the citizen’s council wanted to change. So for the past few years, it has looked to impact the relationship between the citizens and the council. Continue Reading →

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Pre-election analysis of the national and local campaigns with politico Ben Burd

Pundits are the modern version of an ancient shaman. They rhetorically dance around rattling on in a language all their own in an effort to see predict the future. Ben Burd certainly qualifies as a local pundit. He is a former municipal councillor and candidate for the NDP in Northumberland at both the provincial and federal levels. He is also the person behind one of the first local blogs in the county, The Burd Report, which he wrote for more than 20 years. Continue Reading →

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PPC candidate dives deep into party’s policy around racism, environment, free speech and more

For candidates running for the People’s Party of Canada, the CBC news story published yesterday surely drew a reaction from both supporters and detractors. A People’s Party of Canada candidate in Saskatoon is coming under fire for sharing a cartoon photo on Twitter that depicts NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh wearing a turban with a bomb on it. The candidate said he did not realize it was a bomb, saying it appeared to look like a toque. However, the executive director for the Canadian Anti-Hate Network said the cartoon is racist. The network is monitoring all candidates from all parties during the federal election. Well, today’s guest will hopefully shine some light on this and other issues related to the People’s Party of Canada. Continue Reading →

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Candidate Mallory Macdonald outlines challenges NDP face in riding, across country

To local NDP supports in Northumberland-Peterborough South, the IPOS poll released on Wednesday must have been music to their ears. While the party has polled at about 15 percent over the last few weeks, the leader of the party, Jagmeet Singh, watched as his personal appeal numbers took a dramatic jump. When people were asked which leader would make the best prime minister, 14 percent named Singh. That is up from 10 percent only a week ago. In another poll,  on Friday morning, his personal numbers were up by six points. Continue Reading →

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Green candidate explains balance between saving jobs and fighting climate change

Green Party candidate Jeff Wheeldon talks at length about the impact of his party’s platform to fight climate change, while maintaining a strong economy. He does not back off of the predicted job losses in the oil and gas sector, along with several other sectors of the economy, saying other jobs will be created. He also talks about a basic income program for the country, among other policies. Wheeldon speaks directly to the revelation regarding Justin Trudeau’s use of blackface, its influence on the national election campaign and its effect locally. Please listen. Continue Reading →

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Liberal incumbent Rudd stands up for Prime Minister, SNC Lavalin, carbon tax, climate change and more


Northumberland Incumbent Liberal candidate Kim Rudd defends the Prime Minister regarding his absence during the first televised debate for City TV/Macleans. She also provides her views on the SNC Lavalin affair, the Trans Mountain pipeline, carbon tax, climate change, precarious jobs in our county, along with anecdotes about her early life and her life-long activism. Please take the time to listen. As part of the ongoing efforts of Northumberland 89.7 FM and Consider This, we continue our series of candidate interviews for this all-important job of being a member of parliament for our riding. Originally aired: Sept. Continue Reading →

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Major funding announcement to tackle opioids in Northumberland coming in fall, says MPP

Northumberland-Peterborough South MPP David Piccini said his government will be addressing the opioid in Northumberland this fall. He also talks about funding health care, the new mandate for the autism advisory panel, funding for the Northumberland Legal Clinic, along with the future of the health unit. Please listen to the full interview. Originally aired: August 2, 2019 Continue Reading →

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Waterfront options to get public input promises Cobourg councillor

For decades, Cobourg’s waterfront stored massive, towering piles of coal, waiting to be loaded on to ships bound for the American steel factories. Once those factories modernized, the piles disappeared. Yet, up until the late 1980s, it was still an industrial area, as huge oil tanks storing fuel. It is hard to imagine today what it looked like before when viewing the residential development, parks, marina, campground, and historic beach, that has attracted people since the 19th century. For many, the waterfront is the gem of the town. Continue Reading →

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Port Hope ready to invest resources in affordable housing and waterfront, says mayor and deputy mayor


Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson and Deputy Mayor Les Andrews focused on two major components of the town’s strategic plan during a lengthy interview: the waterfront and affordable housing. The interview covered topics ranging from cost-effective, efficient use of tax dollars, but also developing sustainable plans for the future. The mayor expressed sensitivity to environmental issues. The deputy mayor mapped out the future for developing business in the downtown. Both had a lot to say on many topics. Continue Reading →

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