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Affordable housing strategy consultations critical, says county housing manager


Northumberland County Community and Social Services Director Lisa Horne and Housing Services Manager Rebecca Carman outline the current status on the Affordable Housing Strategy, including the recent consultations and homeless survey. They also discuss the current situation with the displaced Port Hope residents who were left homeless after an apartment fire, as well as the requests for proposals for a new emergency shelter for the county. All this and more on Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Port Hope looks to create its own homeless strategy, mayor says

Following an interview on Consider This Live, Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson is putting pieces in place to create its own plan to help homeless. Port Hope’s mayor wants council to integrate a response to help the homeless in its upcoming strategic planning session within the next few months, he said Thursday in an interview. Mayor Bob Sanderson met with Green Wood Coalition Community Director David Sheffield recently to discuss ways in which the municipality can address the issue of homelessness. He hopes to form a committee to make recommendations to council regarding temporary emergency shelters within Port Hope, as well as other issues related to homelessness. To ensure something is done, Sanderson said this initiative must be integrated into the municipality’s strategic plan, a document developed with the help of councillors, municipal staff, and the public. Continue Reading →

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