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Video explains how Transition House seeks to better serve the homeless in Northumberland

Transition House video

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Not everything that happened during the pandemic was terrible. If you ask Anne Newman, executive director of Transition House, there were some positives. Transition House is the emergency shelter for homeless people in Northumberland. Sure, it was tough, she would tell you. But over the past few months, Transition House has worked hard to improve services. Continue Reading →

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Creating affordable housing in Cobourg subject of public meeting Sept. 28

The full interview with bonus material below:

So often it is easy to take things for granted. A roof over your head. A warm bed. Food in the fridge. Your favourite restaurant is open or a quick stop for a double-double. Continue Reading →

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Lawyer worries about Northumberland tenants as landlords given additional powers under new provincial rules

In Canada, the laws overseeing the relationships between landlords and tenants aim to give rights to people who rent. The regulations recognize there is a fundamental need for people to have a place to live. But also, they need to be safe from those who might act arbitrarily and throw them out on to the street. Landlords will complain the system is unfair to them. While tenants’ rights groups argue there are never enough rules to ensure they can’t be evicted unfairly. Continue Reading →

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Elgin Park redevelopment gets financial boost from feds and province



Federal, provincial, and local politicians gathered at the corner of Elgin and Darcy streets to announce a $5.7 million grant. It will more than double the existing affordable housing from 18 units to 40. The multi-phase project represents a huge upgrade to the existing buildings that were originally constructed in the 1960s. Rebecca Carman,  the Manager, Housing Services for Northumberland County, explains. The housing mix will expand what is already there. Continue Reading →

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Transition House prepares to move back to Chapel Street into new home with a new plan

For those who face barriers finding a home, Transition House is an emergency shelter in Cobourg where they can find a place to sleep, a decent meal, and, hopefully, begin a journey back from the many difficulties they face. When the pandemic hit, the shelter was not well suited to provide the necessary protections for its clients. Through a collaboration of many people, a closed high school in Cobourg, CCI, was opened as a temporary location. But with fall quickly approaching and public schools reopening, clients and staff will return to the old Chapel Street building. Anne Newman, executive director of Transition House, spoke with me about the move back and the results of the organization’s recent annual general meeting. Continue Reading →

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Habitat for Humanity makes sure an older house gets new life for local family

There is a house that was built in the 1940s or 50s sitting in the parking lot of Northumberland County Movers on Highway 28, just north of Port Hope. It used to be at 311 University Avenue, across from the NAPA outlet or the old Home Hardware. It has an interesting story. Meaghan Macdonald, executive director of Habitat for Humanity Northumberland, can tell it. The house is older and it needs some TLC. Continue Reading →

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Concerns over Transition House not NIMBYism, says neighbourhood coalition rep

A group residents and business owners calling themselves the Good Neighbour Coalition Cobourg launched a campaign to address concerns related to Transition House, the only emergency shelter for homeless people in Northumberland County. Since then, the group has made a public presentation to council. And, it has been active in advocating for a resolution to the issues they raise, including increased and recurring problems with public drug use, people sleeping outdoors, verbal abuse and intimidation, disruptions day and night including physical altercations, theft, and break-ins. With me in studio Alyson King, a representative of the group Good Neighbours Coalition Cobourg. Welcome, Alyson. Continue Reading →

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County reaches milestone on path toward affordable housing strategy

Affordable housing has sat at the forefront of many municipal politicians for more than the past year. Since the campaign and election of councils just over a year ago, it is a priority for many. In some cases, there are concrete steps being taken. Meanwhile, in the background, Northumberland County council and staff have toiled away on this issue for nearly a decade, slowly developing the framework and putting into place the pieces of an affordable housing strategy. From the Housing First initiative to a regular homeless people’s survey to an overarching Affordable Housing Strategy, the groundwork was being laid. Continue Reading →

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Tiny homes focus for new Habitat for Humanity initiative

A new committee led by Cobourg Councillor Nicole Beatty is looking at the creation of tiny homes proposed for Port Hope. A tiny home is a dwelling less than 600-square-feet. The group is working in tandem with Habitat for Humanity Northumberland to get a proposal off the ground. While it is in its early stages, Habitat Executive Director Meaghan MacDonald is optimistic the committee will be successful, offering an affordable housing alternative. Listen as she explains the details and provides more insight. Continue Reading →

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Helping women find affordable housing, women’s shelter steps up to tackle the issue

A program aimed at pairing women to share accommodations was relaunched earlier this week. Cornerstone Executive Director Nancy Johnston and Homeshare worker Deb Racine talk about the innovative, creative way this program helps women in the community find affordable housing in the face of a major shortage within Northumberland County. Johnston also explains how the women’s shelter is collaborating with a developer to provide affordable rental units in Cobourg. Continue Reading →

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