Inside look at the county and mental health association’s collaboration to provide supportive housing in Campbellford

Supportive Housing Campbellford

The Northumberland County Housing Corporation and Canadian Mental Health Association Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge collaborate to provide supportive housing services using 152 Cockburn St. in Campbellford.

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Northumberland County and the Canadian Mental Health Association announced a ground-breaking partnership to provide supportive housing in Campbellford. This is a huge step forward in helping people facing mental health and addiction challenges. These are people who often find themselves on the street and homeless.

As you will learn in this interview, supportive housing provides an environment that helps people who would otherwise struggle when seeking a stable home. The tenants will live in a five-bedroom house with a worker present to assist them in their journey to recovery.

While there are several supportive housing projects in Northumberland, this is the first outside Cobourg and Port Hope. It is also the first time the county’s housing corporation has partnered with the mental health association.

It is a piece of the puzzle when dealing with homelessness, mental health, and addictions.

Originally aired: June 30, 2023


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