Port Hope mayor discusses long-term care proposal details, insights and her thoughts after MZO issued

Old Port Hope hospital

The old Port Hope Hospital on Ward Street is the subject of an application for demolition to allow the development of a seven-story long-term care home.

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A proposed long-term care facility in Port Hope is a complex situation. It is tangled up in myriad issues, from the desperate need for beds for the elderly to preserving heritage buildings. Mixed within this is the need to follow sound planning principles and the varying voices of the public on all sides.

If that is not enough, the Ontario government issued a Minister’s Zoning Order or MZO. This will allow the project to go forward and create a seven-storey, 192-bed facility. A new application to demolish the existing historic buildings on the site is currently winding its way to council.

In this interview, Port Hope Mayor Olena Hankivsky will talk in-depth about the background of the project, the Minister’s Zoning Order, and the path forward. More than that, she will share her feeling and thoughts on what is unfolding.

Originally aired: June 23, 2023

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