New migrant worker coordinator explains changes to programs and services in Northumberland


Two temporary migrant workers are standing in a field in Northumberland County. Photo by Horizons of Friendship.

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If you ate today, Megan Botha says you need to thank a farmer. And, she says, you should also thank a migrant worker, as well. She is the new migrant worker outreach coordinator at Horizons of Friendship.

About 20,000 temporary migrant workers will come to Ontario this growing season. There are somewhere between 125 and 150 migrant workers in Northumberland this year. These people do the back-breaking, hard labour most of us never consider when buying or consuming food.

As you will hear in this interview, there are many changes for migrant workers this year. Plus, there are ongoing programs to help the workers on many levels, from health and safety to getting social insurance to mental health support.

Beyond this, new provincial legislation prevents employers from taking away migrant workers’ passports. There are also new rules around medical coverage, allowing workers more accessible access to medical treatments.

A lot is going on. So, you will want to hear what she says as she walks us through the details.

Originally aired: June 23, 2023

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