Rural coalition organizing panel on protecting farmland in Northumberland County

Alnwick-Haldimand Township farm land

Northumberland County Farmland faces encroachment as developers convert prime agricultural lands into housing. Many people buy lots and build homes, as well.

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It is a well-known statistic. Ontario is losing more than 300 acres of farmland every day. It is stunning when you realize we are talking about our food source.

What you don’t hear as often is how this affects Northumberland County. But there is a group trying to change that.

The Northumberland Rural Coalition is hosting a panel discussion about protecting farmland in this region. Local MPP David Piccini is scheduled to speak on the panel. There are also several experts from groups like the Ontario Farmland Trust and specialists who will also add their perspectives. Considering agriculture is one of the most significant economic drivers in the county, you will want to listen.

Originally aired: June 16, 2023

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