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Farmers cannot ignore mental health as local harvest continues, says Northumberland Federation of Agriculture reps

Farmers harvest

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For those who may not realize, farmers face a great deal of uncertainty every day. The changing weather, commodity prices, pests, and diseases are only a few of the pressures. They also rarely get a day off: livestock must be tended, crops planted or harvested or monitored, equipment to fix. The list is long. It can be a very stressful life. Continue Reading →

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Burnham Family Market transitions during pandemic, as legacy farm moves to next generation


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Take a drive out into rural Northumberland. You will see all kinds of farms. It is easy to assume most of those are family farms. Yet, the family farm is on the decline in Canada. Well over 90 percent of farms are family-owned and operated. Barely half the farms are sole proprietorships. The rest are either partnerships or corporations, according to Statistics Canada in 2016. Continue Reading →

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Farmers face new struggles and mental health pressures as spring planting underway

Farm near Campbellford

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Farmers are busy preparing to put crops into the grounds. This time around, they have a year of the pandemic under their belts. A lot has changed. Then again, not a lot has changed. The supply chain issues have settled. Continue Reading →

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Drought hits crops hard, but food supply secure says Northumberland farmers

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Six months ago, I spoke with this same group of farmers from the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture. The lockdown had just started. Some grocery store shelves were empty. Everyone was buying toilet paper. You could not find yeast to save your soul because people started bake bread at home. Continue Reading →

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Tractor parade allows local farmers to pay tribute to hospital staff

It is one thing to slow down to go around a tractor on a backroad. But it is certainly another when you get 70 tractors, trucks, sprayers and other vehicles lined up. That is what happened recently. It was a tractor parade to pay tribute to frontline workers at Northumberland Hills Hospital and the Golden Plough Lodge. It was organized by the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture. Continue Reading →

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New rules for migrant workers and local farmers mean big changes, says activist

Close to 100,000 migrant workers from the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America come to Canada each year to work in the agri-food industry. Hundreds come to Northumberland to help, especially on the fruit and vegetable farms. Many apple growers will tell you, it is an essential part of their business. But with travel bans and concerns over the spread of COVID-19, there were big questions marks about what was going to happen this spring. Farmers lobbied hard and got exemptions, along with a financial aid package. So, these workers were given a choice to stay home with their families or come and earn money working on farms. For some, it is not really a choice since this money is more than they would ever make at home. Continue Reading →

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Farmers prepare to meet challenges in face of pandemic

You can’t say it is an everyday sight to see a group of field tractors surrounding Northumberland Hills Hospital, along with a line of pick-up trucks following close behind. But that was the scene recently during a tractor parade organized by the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture to thank all the frontline staff at the hospital. It is a rare sight to see farmers being so public. Usually, they toil away quietly making sure we all have food in front of us. And, while you may see the odd billboard reminding you that Farmers feed Cities, these are not the type of people who take a bow. Continue Reading →

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Farmers facing further hurdles as land speculators drive up assessments

Once more local farmers find themselves in a precarious position, drawing into question the sustainability of agriculture in Northumberland County and across the province. Members of the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture came before county council asking for a tax break to offset skyrocketing increases in the land assessment last month, only to be turned down. Bruce Buttar, a long-time farmer and member of the Federation, said some farms are facing increases of 123 percent, far above the provincial average of 64 per cent. This is placing a huge burden on local farmers, he said. Farmers already get a break. Continue Reading →

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Farmers seek tax credit to offset skyrocketing land assessments

Northumberland farmer Bruce Buttars, a local director with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, explains concerns over the request for a tax break from county council, land assessments and the future of farming during Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Marketing board changes demand farmers, consumers on same page

If famers are not having a hard enough time dealing with this summer’s incredible drought, the Ontario government decided to hurt them some more. Changes to the Farm Products Marketing Act, recently proposed by the Farm Products Marketing Commission, wants to gut the role of one of the marketing boards, effectively wiping out the authority of the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers. This means the body in charge of negotiating price contracts for 14 of the province’s vegetable crops, including carrots, beans and tomatoes, will be completely transformed. Until now, the system has maintained a pretty equitable deal between farmers, processors and retailers. Like all marketing boards, it provides stability of prices, allowing farmers to plan and invest. Continue Reading →

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