Mayor says perfect storm hits as Port Hope council approved 6.9 percent increase for 2024 budget


Walton Street construction project is part of more than $16 million in capital spending approved by Port Hope council.

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It is budget time for local municipalities. Without exception, politicians, bureaucrats, and taxpayers sweat it out to come up with a solution for the annual budget.

With more pressures than ever, it is a struggle to find a balance between affordability and services.

In this interview, Port Hope Mayor Olena Hankivsky outlines the decision by council to raise the levy by 6.9 percent. She outlines the complexity of trying to maintain services and address critical issues, while not creating fiscal hardship for taxpayers.

For some, it is coal in their stocking. For others, it is the pursuit of political and fiscal realities that no wrapping paper or bows will hide.

Originally aired: Dec. 15, 2023.


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