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Venture 13 transforming the local economy, says executive director

Economic development is no longer about attracting massive factories

Venture 13, a unique entrepreneurial start-up facility located in Cobourg, is offering a wide range of services for innovative business people looking to get off the ground. The $2 million facility is expected to open in May. But, the programs it offers are beyond your average business incubator, as CDFC Executive Wendy Curtis and Enterprise Program Manager John Hayden discuss on Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Tour of new Venture 13 building keeps councillors, media up to date on progress

Media and Cobourg town councillors were given a tour of the new Venture 13 space on Friday while it is undergoing renovations as part of a public information campaign to keep residents up to date as the $2 million project progresses, said Communications Officer Ashley Purdy. Here is a photo gallery of the tour. Venture 13 is the town’s new entrepreneurial incubator to draw new and small business to the area. More to come… Continue Reading →

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Proposed labour laws affect rural businesses differently

The proposed changes to Ontario’s labour laws and employment standards will have a profound affect on local business and workers because of the fragile nature of the region’s economy as compared to major urban centres. The most significant changes to Ontario’s labour laws and employment standards are expected to be announced very shortly, overhauling a system brought in the 1990s under Premier Mike Harris, Labour Minister Kevin Flynn said last week. Both union leaders and business organizations are holding their collective breath, as each will have its criticisms, as well as praise. Under the current proposals, the provincial government are looking to make paid sick days mandatory, boost the minimum required paid vacation, lower the overtime threshold, abolish the lower minimum wage for students under 18 and those who serve alcohol. Most important are the changes for precarious workers, a growing part of the workforce. Continue Reading →

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