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Housing prices rise in Northumberland County despite pandemic economy, says real estate association president



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The average price of a house in Northumberland was about $620,000 in September. There are bidding wars going on right now for homes. When a home comes on the market, bids start almost right away. Before, it might have taken a couple of days for things to heat up. It’s crazy busy for agents. Continue Reading →

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Venture 13, police and local entrepreneur launch tool to fight pandemic

As many of us brace for the possible second wave of the virus to hit, there are efforts across Northumberland looking at how we adjusting to the ongoing challenges we face. Today’s show looks at two aspects of the ways our community is adapting. When the pandemic first hit Northumberland during the lockdown in March, within a two-week period, Venture 13 pulled together a micro-manufacturing operation to create personal protective equipment for hospitals, senior’s homes, and others within the county. If that wasn’t enough, it was recently announced another innovative enterprise is helping to protect frontline emergency workers in the county. This new start-up company created a scanning device that is being used by police, firefighters, and paramedics to quickly determine if people have a fever – one of many signs a person is infected with COVID-19. Continue Reading →

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County economic task force delivers final recommendation, including mental health for workers

More and better broadband. Access to Personal Protective Equipment. Building consumer confidence. Those were the first three recommendations by the Economic Recovery Task Force to county council back on June 4. A lot has happened since then. Continue Reading →

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Small town retailers face unique challenges as Brighton-Cramahe Chamber responds

One defining characteristic of the new reality under COVID-19 is everything is changing constantly. Press conference from leaders and health officials are daily touchstones. Announcements from local officials flag the tweaks being made to battle the pandemic and keep people safe and healthy. Peeling back those changes presents an unfolding story of how our community is being reshaped. Today’s stories are snapshots of those moving sands. Continue Reading →

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County economic task force recommends mask wearing mandatory in stores to build consumer confidence

County Economic Development Director Dan Borowec co-chairs the Northumberland Economic Recovery Task Force with Brendan Cunneen, a well-respected retired businessman. Together they are working with representatives from all the various sectors of the local economy to figure out what is needed to help businesses restart during the pandemic. It is not an easy task and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Three recommendations were released on June 5 for immediate action as the committee continues to work toward a major report to be done later this summer. The recommendations went before Northumberland County Council on June 17, 2020. Continue Reading →

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Re-opening the economy a delicate balance, says local MPP


The other day I was looking out my window only to see a local construction crew working on a roof. None of them were six feet apart. There was no physical distancing. The same day, I received an email from a national grocery chain heralding the expansion of hours, allowing more people into his company’s stores, along with the opening of meat counters and bakeries. Yet, scanning social media, there is a wave of people expressing their concerns that we are reopening too quickly. Continue Reading →

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Port Hope economy resilient, says Chamber of Commerce CEO

With the provincial government slowly trying to restart the economy, local businesses face numerous challenges. Some have already adapted, pivoting into the new limitations of physical distancing, pick up or delivery, and online commerce. Business organizations and lobby groups representing the various sectors, like small business, manufacturing, retail, tourism, play an increasingly vital role in helping through the transition. To give us another viewpoint on the local economy, I was pleased to speak with Port Hope Chamber of Commerce CEO Brenda Whitehead. She is working both locally and across the county with businesses and governments to support entrepreneurs as they navigate the maze of change taking place. Continue Reading →

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Northumberland tourism businesses responding to pandemic, says county manager

Tourism is a major contributor to the regional economy. It brings $122 million to the county annually. And, while it is most obvious during the seasonal period between the Victoria Day weekend through to Thanksgiving, it sustains many related businesses. It directly employs about seven per cent of the county’s workforce. Just think about all the weekend events, Canada Day, festivals, and other attractions, not to forget the cottage rentals, marinas and boat launches that give recreational opportunities to a wide variety of people from across Ontario, Quebec and the United States. Continue Reading →

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DBIA meeting challenges of pandemic while preparing for future, says interim chair

Many will tell you small business is the heart of the Canadian economy. It is certainly at the core locally. When the provincial government issued its emergency order back in March, it divided things into essential and non-essential services. Those that were essential were to keep operating. The rest would be closed down. Continue Reading →

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Digital Main Street program helps Port Hope businesses develop online profile

Elizabeth Edwards, Port Hope Business Outreach Coordinator, talks about Digital Main Street, a program to help businesses become more online savvy. The project launched on May 31 and will provide money and technical support to those entrepreneurs looking to enhance or develop an online presence or social media profile. Over the summer months, a team of students will give as little or as much help as needed. Hear how the program works by listening to this podcast. Originally aired: June 7, 2019

  Continue Reading →

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