Workers should get more than $20 an hour to afford living in Northumberland, says group

Living Wage

The Ontario Living Wage Network suggests workers in Northumberland should be paid $20.65 an hour instead of $16.55.

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Currently, the minimum wage in Ontario is $16.55 per hour. But if you live in Northumberland County, that amount should be $20.60. That is what the Living Wage Network Ontario says.

Recently, the Living Wage Network released its figures for 2023. It calculates how much it takes to live and work in one of 10 areas within Ontario. If you add up all the housing, food, transportation, and other expenses for Northumberland County, your hourly wage should be at least $20.60 for a full-time employee.

Craig Pickthorne, an Ontario Living Wage Network spokesperson, will explain how his organization calculates this number and its significance. More importantly, he will explain why local employers should embrace a living wage while busting some myths surrounding higher wages.

Originally aired: Nov. 24, 2023

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