Community canvas strives to meet concerns in east end, says police chief

Cobourg Police cars

A community canvas was completed recently in the east end of Cobourg to assess concerns over safety and crime.

The show:

The full interview with bonus material:

Crime in Cobourg is on the increase. Police Chief Paul VandeGraaf says that is true everywhere.

An analysis of recent statistics shows calls for service are up. There were 14 assault charges laid in the past two months. Two of those involved officers being assaulted. Another two of those involved weapons.

Break and enters are up over the last six months. The same is true for property crimes.

But the reasons for these increases are not what you think. Let me say that again: it is not what you think.

In this interview, you will hear the chief explain how the assaults are going up due to domestic violence. The minor crimes are not associated solely with the encampment. That is despite all the rumours, gossip, and social media.

And he will tell you about a recent community canvas his officers did to get to the root of the issues. All of it is meant to address people’s concerns about feeling safe. Plus, he will tackle the misinformation and disinformation.

Originally aired: Nov. 24, 2023


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