Some optimism shines through despite gloom in Ontario Chamber report, says Port Hope CEO

Downtown Port Hope

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce released its 2024 annual report. Port Hope CEO Brenda Whitehead explains what the report means locally.

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The Ontario Chamber of Commerce released its annual report recently. Business confidence is low across the province. There are a host of issues facing a wide range of sectors across the business spectrum. Yet, amid all the doom and gloom, there is some limited optimism about the upcoming year.

Brenda Whitehead, CEO of the Port Hope Chamber of Commerce, will give a local perspective on the mood of her members. A record number of businesses from Northumberland County participated in the survey this year.

When painting a picture of the business environment, her message is simple: it all depends on who you are talking to. For some, the opportunities for expansion and growth exist. Yet, for others, there are significant challenges, such as layoffs and cutbacks. She will give her analysis and insight.

Originally aired: Feb. 23, 2024

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