Access to medical care and relations with the federal Conservatives are discussed with Alderville Chief

Former Cree Grand Chief Matthew Mukash

In this episode, Alderville First Nations Chief Taynar Simpson talks about a former Cree grand chief, Matthew Mukash (above), who spent four days in an ER hallway.


Access to medical treatment for Indigenous people living in the far north is a challenge. In this episode of Conversations Towards Reconciliation, Taynar Simpson, the Alderville First Nation chief, will explore this timely issue. Recently, the CBC reported on Cree grand chief Matthew Mukash, who spent four days in an ER hallway.

Simpson will also talk about efforts by the national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Cindy Woodhouse, who is trying to make inroads with Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, hoping to forestall the tensions and angst that marked the party’s last time in power.

And, as always, there is lots of news and information about what is happening in Alderville.

Originally aired: Feb 20, 2024

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