Cramahe mayor discusses impact after closing of local grocery store on local economy, development

Colborne Foodland

The recent demolition of the Foodland grocery store in Colborne marked the end of an era. Sobey \ has recently announced it will not rebuild the store.

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The recent loss of the Foodland grocery store in Colborne was a blow to the community. The parent company, Sobey’s, sent a letter to the municipality telling them it was not interested in building a new store. A major fire destroyed the building last May.

As expected, there was regret and disappointment at first. Then, the question became, what’s next?

In this interview, Cramahe Township Mayor Mandy Martin explores the more profound impact of losing a significant retailer in a small community. The grocery store served as an anchor for the downtown. Its consequences can be felt in the local economy, the viability of future development, and its ability to remain attractive to new investment. Martin will address these concerns and more.

Originally aired: May 17, 2024

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