Chief discusses major steps Alderville is taking towards self-determination in housing and band elections

Alderville band council 2024

Alderville is reforming its band council elections. This significant change involves the community by empowering them to determine their own process. Pictured left to right: Lisa McDonald, Taynar Simpson, Dawn Marie Kelly, Nora Sawyer, and Jason Marsden.

The show:

Alderville First Nations are taking several significant steps to empower them in critical areas.

There are historic barriers to Indigenous people owning homes on First Nations reserves. In this interview, Chief Taynar Simpson will talk about how members can purchase land and own their homes.

Next, you will hear Simpson outline how the community moves towards self-determination in electing its band council. Historically, First Nations faced a prescribed process mirroring settler’s forms of democracy. Alderville is working through a new approach where the community identifies how band council selection will occur.

Originally aired: May 21, 2024


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