Cobourg could be doing more to preserve its historically significant architecture, says expert

St. Peter's Church Mortuary Chapel

The St. Peter’s Church Mortuary Chapel, located at the church’s cemetery on Ontario Street, was one of the buildings open for the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario\’s local house tour in June. 1

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People move to Cobourg and Port Hope because they feel like they’re in the past when they drive around. The old town halls, grand mansions, and Victorian houses along the tree-lined streets are an attraction to many.

However, many of these old buildings are being left empty, some to the point of irreparable neglect. The urgency to save our heritage is real and immediate.

In this interview, you will hear about the upcoming house tour in Cobourg on June 1. The local chapter of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario organizes it. While walking around in these historic buildings is nice, their future could be less than certain. Rob Mikel is one of Ontario’s most respected architectural historians. He grew up in Cobourg and recently moved back. He will talk about heritage preservation. You decide if these structures should be saved and at what cost.

Originally aired: May 31, 2024


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