Port Hope house tour gets a makeover due to pandemic with a virtual event and walking tours


Port Hope House Tour

One of many buildings featured on the Port Hope house tour.

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One of the signature aspects of Port Hope is its architecture. Movie studios use it to create a 19th-century backdrop. Some of the homes are iconic examples of various styles of architecture from the past. People from all over come to see both the outside and inside of these gorgeous buildings. More than 1,000 people annually attend each fall. For the past 55 years, it was an annual tourism attraction and fundraiser. Well, that was until last year, during the height of the pandemic, when it was cancelled. Over the past year, organizers have toiled away, figuring out what they could do in 2021. Bill Bickle, the Port Hope House Tour Committee co-chair, will share the group’s plans for this popular event and the work it does to preserve local heritage architecture.

Originally aired: July 23, 2021

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