Cobourg’s mayor explains recent debate over emergency shelter bylaw and its impacts

Lucas Cleveland

Cobourg Mayor Lucas Cleveland defended the emergency shelter bylaw at a recent meeting of the Northumberland County Council. It is scheduled to come into effect on March 28.

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At a council meeting on February 28, Cobourg politicians approved a bylaw to regulate emergency shelters regarding operations, safety, and security. The most notable impacts will be on Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre and Transition House.

The bylaw is meant to address concerns from the public, town staff, and politicians over the new shelter planned for 310 Division Street, a former senior residence. The county purchased it and recently received $2.5 million from the Ontario government for renovations.

During a special county council meeting on March 6, Cobourg Mayor Lucas Cleveland passionately defended his municipality’s decision. Following the meeting, county and town staff met to discuss a potential agreement between Cobourg and the county, which an outline was presented to the town council on March 27.

In this interview, he will explain what the town is trying to achieve and respond to criticisms from all sides. You will hear why he thinks it is a good idea to hold volunteer board members legally responsible for clients’ actions offsite. He also feels Cobourg must be more vocal in asserting its status on the county council.

Cleveland believes this bylaw is a template for other municipalities across Ontario.

He will make his case. You decide if he is right.

Originally aired: March 29, 2024

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