New police rules and regulations started on April 1, impacting local police with little fanfare

Cobourg Police STEP

Cobourg Police undertake programs like a STEP (Selective Traffic Enforcement Project). On April 1, a comprehensive set of new rules and regulations governing police across Ontario was enacted.

The show:

The full interview with bonus material:

A new Community Services and Police Act came into effect on April 1. The irony of the date did not get past Cobourg Police Chief Paul VandeGraaf. It was not an April Fool’s joke.

The new legislation significantly overhauls how police are regulated. The last time this occurred was in 1990. The new legislation brings policing rules and regulations into modern times. It will mean greater accountability, more transparency, and a higher standard. The Chief will explain how the new rules and regulations apply to a smaller police force like Cobourg. He will also discuss the impact on his officers, staff, and the police service board. Plus, he will talk about any effect on taxes.

Originally aired: April 5, 2024


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