Calls for service down while drugs and violent crime rising: 2021 annual police report

Cobourg Police STEP

Cobourg Police recently held a STEP (Selective Traffic Enforcement Project). This and similar initiatives were part of the 2021 annual report. Chief Paul VandeGraff discusses the report in this segment.

The show:

The full interview with bonus material:

The number of calls for service for the Cobourg police was down this past year. That is the third year in a row. Yet, the number of incidents related to illegal drugs, like fentanyl, cocaine, and crystal meth, was up. Violent crimes, like people using weapons during an assault, were also up.

Cobourg Police Chief Paul Vandegraff will discuss these stats and more this week. It is all part of a conversation we had about the annual report for 2021.

Originally aired: March 25, 2022

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