County warden addresses concerns over Cobourg emergency shelter bylaw

Northumberland County Council

As Cobourg’s emergency shelter bylaw was debated, tensions ran high at a recent Northumberland County Council meeting. (l-r) Hamilton Township Mayor Scott Jibb, Cobourg Mayor Lucas Cleveland, Cramahe Township Mayor Mandy Martin, Alnwick-Halidmand Mayor John Logel, Port Hope Mayor Olena Hankivsky, Warden Brian Ostrander, Trent Hills Mayor Bob Crate.

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Earlier this month, tensions between Cobourg and Northumberland County were on display. Cobourg passed new bylaws impacting emergency shelters within the town. This would include Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre and Transition House.

The bylaw is aimed at quelling concerns raised by many about the relocation of Transition House to 310 Division Street.

Since the county is responsible for Transition House, county staff and politicians called a special council meeting on March 6. During the meeting, staff responded to Cobourg’s bylaw. Ike Nwibe, executive director of Transition House, also presented.

During the debate, there were accusations of spreading misinformation about the bylaw, timelines were disputed, and communications between town and county staff were challenged.

The meeting was tense, to say the least.

In this interview, Northumberland County Warden Brian Ostrander will discuss relations between the county and Cobourg politicians and staff and explain why the emergency shelter bylaw is so controversial. The bylaw is scheduled to go into effect on March 28.

Originally aired: March 29, 2024

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