New warden explains the ins and outs of a three-year budget for county

Northumberland County road repair

Road repairs are a critical part of the Northumberland County budget, as the new warden, Brian Ostrander, explains in this interview.

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The full interview with bonus material:

What a difference a year can make.

In this interview, you will hear from the new county Warden, Brian Ostrander. He was elected only a few weeks ago. The focus of our conversation is a new three-year budget passed by county council two weeks ago. You will learn how this approach works and the aspirations of politicians for the upcoming year. There is a six-and-a-half percent increase this year and more than eight percent next year. The final year is nearly nine percent. The warden will justify these hikes over the next three years.

Originally aired: Dec. 29, 2023

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