Former warden interview revisited, giving a chance to reflect on the past year

Mandy Martin

Cramahe Township’s Deputy Fire Chief Andrew Harper is welcomed at the final council meeting 2023 by Mayor Mandy Martin, Fire Chief Matt Halmasey, and Deputy Mayor Sandra Arthur.

The show:

A new year is about to begin. It can be a valuable exercise to reflect on the past 12 months. In this interview from a year ago, you will hear former Warden Mandy Martin. County council had just passed the 2023 budget.

This is a great chance to compare what was promised with what happened. You will hear about affordable housing, homelessness, financial pressures, etc.

It would be best to listen to the interview with the new warden, Brian Ostrander. You will notice the contrast between the two budgets and the approach of politicians this year compared to last. See if you can find the differences and decide what they mean.

Originally aired: Dec. 29, 2023


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