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The spirit of (local) radio: How one tiny Ontario station keeps listeners tuning in

Since it was founded in 2006, the station has made its home in Dayle Gowan’s milk house. (David Rockne Corrigan) AMHERST ISLAND — Radio host Brian Little takes a quick break from playing hit songs from 1975 on his weekly Friday Morning Show to throw to Keith Miller and […]
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Researchers crunched 13 TB of local newspaper subscriber data. Here’s what they found about who sticks around.

Surprise: “Subscribers who read many stories per visit and read them thoroughly were no more likely to keep their subscriptions than those who skimmed.” Hey, local newspapers: Want to try to predict which of your subscribers are going to stick with you — and keep paying — no matter […]
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Facebook is Investing $300 Million in Local Journalism Projects

Thanks, Zuck Local Journalism Local news coverage is suffering as publications covering their communities struggle to make ends meet. Part of the problem is that it’s hard to for local publishers to attract and monetize enough pageviews in a cutthroat digital news marketplace — a problem that giant platforms […]
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The subscription-pocalypse is about to hit

“You can’t expect people to subscribe to their local paper (which is vital to democracy, we tell them) AND The New York Times and the Washington Post (because Democracy Dies in the Dark) AND…” How many things are you subscribed to right now? How many news organizations or writers […]
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How local journalism can upend the ‘fake news’ narrative

“For the first time media is the least trusted institution globally,” Edelman, the global PR and marketing firm concluded in its annual worldwide study on trust in institutions like the media, business and government. Local journalists are often the only journalists that most people will ever meet. teka12/Shutterstock.com These […]
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18 striking findings from 2018

Pew Research Center takes the pulse of Americans and people around the world on a host of issues every year. We explore public opinion on topics ranging from foreign policy to cyberbullying, as well as demographic trends, such as the emergence of the post-Millennial generation and changes in the […]
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How ‘community internet’ unleashed a quirky dose of local pride

Chad Lindsay tells many of his stories fireside in his Middle Sackville home. (CBC) Sitting next to a roaring fire in the “shabby chic” Middle Sackville, N.S., home he shares with his wife Terri, Chad Lindsay easily launches into an enthusiastic account of the value of community internet. “I […]
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Strategies for entrepreneurial success from Latin America

Media startup Traditional business models are quickly disappearing from media, being replaced with new, innovative ways to achieve sustainable revenue. In a live webinar, media professionals working in Latin America spoke about their experiences moving away from traditional revenue streams and gave advice for other journalists hoping to start […]
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NewsMatch opens with more than $3 million in matching support for nonprofit newsrooms across the U.S.

Go to NewsMatch.org today to donate to a trusted, nonprofit news organizations Washington, D.C. — NewsMatch, the largest grassroots fundraising campaign to support nonprofit news organizations, launches today in newsrooms across the country and online at newsmatch.org. The campaign doubles donations to 155 nonprofit newsrooms in nearly every state […]
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