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Local Journalism Initiative

The Local Journalism Initiative supports the creation of original civic journalism that is relevant to the diverse needs of underserved communities across Canada, broadening availability and consumption of local and regional news on matters of civic governance. Launched by the Government of Canada in 2019, the Local Journalism Initiative […]
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HTFP at 20: Local news organisations must let go of the past

Over the past week we have taken a sometimes nostalgic look back at the first 20 years of HoldtheFrontPage and the stories and people we have written about over that time. But what of the next 20? What does the future have in store for journalists and for the […]
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Why journalist Emily Bell is calling for a civic media manifesto

With the free press under attack, a civic media manifesto is needed now more than ever, according to acclaimed scholar and journalist Emily Bell. She negotiates this critical crossroad for the media in her dynamic 2019 Dalton Camp Lecture and in conversation with IDEAS producer Mary Lynk. If journalism […]
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Google Backs Experimental Hyperlocal News Service for Peterborough

Google appears to be trying to shore up the world of local news that its internet has so roundly destroyed, and is making reparations of a sort by backing a news source dedicated solely to reporting events and happenings in and around Peterborough. Peterborough Matters is the first fruit […]
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Case Studies in Collaborative Local Journalism

Executive Summary In this report, we analyse the potential for collaborative journalism initiatives to address the challenges facing local news. Although collaboration has been examined in the context of national and international partnerships, often among larger news organisations, few studies investigate these efforts at the local level, particularly in […]
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Chicago Journalism Town Hall Tackles Tough Finances, Elusive Diversity

About 300 people attended a Chicago journalism town hall Sunday that was characterized by sharp comments about the search for financial stability and the need for diversity both in newsroom staffs and service to audiences. The three-hour discussion came at a time of turmoil in Chicago’s news industry, with […]
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New research project explores best practices for philanthropic support for journalism

This article was originally published on the Local News Research Project website A new study launched by the Local News Research Project at Ryerson’s School of Journalism will explore what can be learned from other countries about philanthropic support for news media. The goal is to produce a guide […]
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What will determine the survival of local news?

Credit: Pexels The future of local news is perhaps not all doom and gloom. Publishers have a wide range of tools at their fingertips to build news products around the wants and needs of their readers. In a podcast with Journalism.co.uk , executive director of Spiegel Tom Collinger , […]
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Hyperlocal network expands into three more towns after new hires

A network of hyperlocal news sites is expanding into three more areas after hiring four more journalists. As previously reported on HTFP, Nub News is aiming to recruit up to 200 journalists in a bid to launch up to 700 news aggregation sites across the UK. Founder Karl Hancock […]
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