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Boosting local news with data journalism and automation

The most recent wave of layoffs hitting the news industry offers a harsh reminder: digital media still hasn’t found a sustainable economic equilibrium. The future of local journalism looks particularly bleak , with some communities now considered “ news deserts ” as local papers disappear or are reduced to […]
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Local news is rapidly disappearing

LOCAL JOURNALISM is in the midst of a slow-burning crisis, and it is long past time for the rest of us to take notice. In the past 15 years, nearly one in five newspapers has disappeared and countless others have become shells of themselves. Those deeply diminished newsrooms, while […]
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When local newspapers shrink, fewer people bother to run for mayor

“In a well-functioning system, citizens need to be actively engaged in their government and aware of decisions made by their elected representatives. Newspapers are a means of citizen engagement, and this study provides evidence of the importance of this link.” What do strong local newspapers do? Well, past research […]
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Combating local news poverty

Five ways to fight the decline of local news in your community It’s no secret that local news is at risk. “Ghost newspapers” are popping up around the country, with newsrooms so depleted that the remaining journalists cannot meet the critical needs of their communities. Thousands of traditional journalism […]
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Delivery by the thousands beneath glacier-clad peaks

How a woman from southern Ontario and a man from the Prairies have figured out local-news survival in B.C.’s Kootenays This series was funded by readers like you through donations to the J-Source Patreon and FutureFunder at Carleton University. In the summer of 2018, Angela Long embarked on a […]
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Starving The Watchdog: Who Foots The Bill When Newspapers Disappear?

A copy of the final edition of the Rocky Mountain News sits in a newspaper box on a street corner in Denver, Colorado. There are plenty of ways today to pay little—or nothing—to read the news. There are free blogs. There’s Facebook and Twitter. Who needs a subscription to […]
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“Local leads to trust”: The examples shared and pledges made at the Knight Media Forum

“The shorter the distance between our neighbors and our news, the stronger our community.” RELATED ARTICLE On the heels of its $300 million commitment to local news, free speech, and media literacy — and its commission-generated report espousing transparency and diversity — the Knight Foundation hosted its regular gathering […]
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Public funds should be used to rescue local journalism, says report

Local news coverage could disappear unless the government provides direct financial support, according to an independent report on the future of the British media , which warns the industry’s collapse poses a threat to the “long-term sustainability of democracy”. Dame Frances Cairncross was appointed by the government last year […]
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