Lees keys in on taxes in the face of inflation, development, affordable housing and more

Jeff Lees

Jeff Lees, candidate for mayor of Port Hope

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The full interview with bonus material:

There is only one week left until the municipal election on October 24. Most municipalities have started voting already.

This week is the last candidate for mayor for me to interview.

Please remember I am only interviewing the mayoral candidates running for office across Northumberland County. I will not be interviewing deputy mayor or council candidates. As I have said before, there are just too many of them. However, you can go to the radio station’s website or the website for this show to find candidate information.

This interview is with Jeff Lees, who is running for mayor of Port Hope. Lees talks about his plan to control taxes in the face of inflation and a possible recession. He also discusses his plans for Wesleyville, his support for local businesses, and affordable housing.

Originally aired: October 14, 2022


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