Mother pleads with Brighton council to reduce speed limit after near fatal accident

This is one of the maps presented to Brighton council at a meeting recently by the mother of a young boy who was nearly hit crossing the road to board a school bus. Sarah BouDiab Nader asked that the speed limit be reduced for that stretch.


A distraught mother begged Brighton council to take action to lower the speed limit on County Road 2 in the east end near No Frills after a recent near-fatal accident involving her son.

In an emotional presentation to politicians at the June 24 regular council meeting, Sarah BouDiab Nader described an incident on May 31 at nearly 9 a.m. as her son was preparing to board a school bus.

As he stepped out, a truck sped by the bus, almost hitting him, she told council. Had it not been for her quick action of grabbing his coat and pulling him back, he would have died, she said, fighting back tears.

Nader has three children.

The speed limit is 60 km/h at the intersection of John Street, where No Frills is located. However, it goes to 80 km/h shortly after. There are a number of homes and businesses along the stretch. During her presentation, she said four school bus stops and a daycare.

Nader also described numerous other incidents where residents were nearly hit going to a nearby community mailbox on Vicari Road.

She also noted four recent accidents along the stretch. Gerow Propane is an especially busy spot, she said.

“There are really big vehicles that come in and out with propane, and then cars passing. And it’s just very risky,” she said, adding the owners, Gerow Propane, signed the petition to reduce speeds.

Nader called on council to extend the 60 km/h speed limit to Boes Road, about one kilometre further east.

A petition was presented to council with the signatures of residents and businesses from the neighborhood.

Mayor Brian Ostrander thanked Nader for the presentation and for bringing the problem to light. He said the director of public works at Northumberland County was contacted about the issue. The county is responsible for County Road 2, while the town is only responsible for the road to the end of Elizabeth Street.

He also said he phoned the OPP requesting an increase in enforcement.

“Unfortunately, that can’t be an ongoing thing. Obviously, policing resources are stretched as thinly as they are but I will reach out again and ask for increased enforcement on there,” he said.

Council voted unanimously to get Brighton town staff to follow up with the county staff before September.

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