County council takes on big projects over the past year with more to come, says Warden

County Warden Bob Crate

Northumberland County Warden Bob Create talks about the recent announcement regarding high-speed internet, the county budget, and affordable housing in this year-end interview.

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The full interview plus bonus material:

The announcement of improved high-speed internet for Northumberland County kicks off this interview. This is a significant step towards getting better services. And, it caps a significant year for the Northumberland County council. The Elgin Street affordable housing project moved ahead. The construction of the new Golden Plough Lodge got underway. The first major amendment to the county-wide official plan was put in place. Plus, a growth study was released mapping out the pressures the county will face in the next 30 years.

Warden Bob Crate was re-elected in December to his second term. He helped guide the county council during these big changes. Yet, the county has many more to face. It approved a budget hike of slightly more than three percent. While just more than half of that increase goes directly to the operations at the county, another portion goes to reserve funds and then another portion goes directly to local hospitals. With growing inflation, rising costs, and a wide range of long-term issues facing the county council, the pressures are mounting. Here is County Warden Bob Crate discussing all this and more.

Originally aired: February 4, 2022

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