Coldest Night of the Year raises awareness and money to support the homeless, says organizer

Phil Redford

Phil Redford, event coordinator for Coldest Night of the Year Northumberland, shares his plans for the 2022 walk on Feb. 26 in Port Hope. The group hopes to raise $75,000 for Green Wood Coalition.

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With the recent wave of freezing weather, it is not hard to imagine what it must be like when you don’t have shelter. Once again, local organizers of the Coldest Night of the Year are asking for support. The walk-a-thon hopes to raise more than just money. It hopes to increase people’s understanding of the hardships many homeless people face when they don’t have a home or enough food or can’t find enough resources to live. You will hear Phil Redford talk about the event and its goals. What is shocking is the number of seniors in Northumberland who find themselves homeless, living in their vehicles with nowhere to go, Redford said. You will want to hear more.

Originally aired: February 4, 2022

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