Innovation key to response to growing gender based violence in Northumberland, says coordinator

Gender based violence

Thrive, a coalition of organizations working to prevent violence against women and others serving Northumberland recently released its third annual report.

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During the first year of the pandemic, 34 women found themselves homeless in Northumberland, fleeing an abusive situation. That is according to a recently released report by a group representing organizations in the county whose job is to protect people against gender-based violence.

It was one of the more shocking statistics released by Thrive. It is the third annual report from the group that works with a range of services in the county with a mandate to help those who face violence. This includes rape to assault to abuse. And, as you would expect, the pandemic is making things worse.

In this interview, I will be talking with the coordinator, Nicole Beatty, about the contents of the report and what it means for women.

Originally aired: Jan. 21, 2022

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