Annual financials get jazzed up in latest county report; contents remain vital to taxpayers

As long as anyone can remember, Northumberland County has issued his annual audited financial statement. I know, could anything be more boring to anyone other than an accountant. But, the financial report for 2019 was different. It was released recently. But not as that snooze of a document. Instead, it was a glossy, multi-coloured, highly designed report with all kinds of slick graphics and wonderful narration describing a grocery list of the county’s accomplishments over the past year. In the midst of the glitz and glamour and boring numbers, there is some really vital information taxpayers need to know. So, the first segment will be an interview with two top county officials to look behind all the razzle-dazzle to talk about the housing crisis, the impact of the pandemic, along with other urgent initiatives.

Now, here is my interview with Jennifer Moore, CAO Northumberland County, and the county’s Director of Finance/Treasurer Glenn Dees about the 2019 Annual Report.

Full interview with bonus material

Originally aired: August 28, 2020

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