Teachers prepare to return to the classroom in Northumberland in the face of pandemic

August always brings a sense of anticipation for teachers preparing for another year at school. But nothing can match the challenges facing educators returning to classrooms this fall.

The pandemic has placed huge stresses on those in front of students regardless of their age. They must create a learning environment that is safe from a deadly virus. Educators need to protect the students and themselves. But we must not forget all those who are at home. Protecting the students and teachers also protects families. It is a huge responsibility. And, as we have seen from reports around the world, there is plenty of reasons to worry about returning to the classroom.

In the face of these great challenges, local teachers are working hard to rise to the occasion. Here is my conversation with Aileen Fletcher, District 14 vice president of the Ontario Secondary School Teacher’s Federation. It represents the high school teachers here in Northumberland and across the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board.

For my full interview with Aileen Fletcher, please listen to the podcast below.

Originally aired: August 21, 2020

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