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High-tech, innovative video surveillance system coming to Cobourg Police via Venture 13


The full interview with bonus material:

Imagine for a moment: every security camera in Cobourg, keeping an eye out for criminal activity. This is not just the cameras in ATMs at banks or systems in businesses along King Street. This is a store security camera at Wal-Mart, a camera scanning the Yacht Club storage, and, get this, every doorbell camera in the town. That’s right – the security cameras are located in people’s doorbells. It is known as a security mesh video system. Continue Reading →

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Teachers prepare to return to the classroom in Northumberland in the face of pandemic

August always brings a sense of anticipation for teachers preparing for another year at school. But nothing can match the challenges facing educators returning to classrooms this fall. The pandemic has placed huge stresses on those in front of students regardless of their age. They must create a learning environment that is safe from a deadly virus. Educators need to protect the students and themselves. Continue Reading →

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Back in the saddle: reflections on my recent stint at Northumberland Today

By Robert Washburn

It is incredibly important to keep active in journalism both as an educator and as a professional journalist. It is great  having a bi-weekly column. Still, grabbing a notepad, dialling a phone, doing interviews and so forth, it is vital to remain relevant and credible in front of students. It is truly amazing the number of times there is pause for thought on the way newsrooms are changing. It is not nostalgia causing the hesitation, but a sense of how journalism practice, ethics, management, and community are transforming. Continue Reading →

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A moment for MacMillan

By Robert Washburn

There are some people in a community who are so important, yet they never hold an elected office or head some big company or become the executive director of an organization. These people rise to prominence because of their character – because of who they are and what they contribute. Tom MacMillan was one of those people. MacMillan died last night. He was 78. Continue Reading →

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Politicians need better ways to consult public, less theatre

By Robert Washburn

Northumberland MP Rick Norlock was pretty busy last week racing around meeting with interest groups and residents around the upcoming federal budget as part of a series of public consultations in Campbellford and Cobourg. However, the federal government is not the only one asking the public for its input on budgets. Municipal councils throughout Northumberland will be hunkering down over stacks of reports and spreadsheets working with sharp pencils trying to figure out how much they will need to collect for 2013. (more…) Continue Reading →

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