Eight new nurses hired as health unit collaborates with school boards as classrooms reopen

As the clock ticks down to the reopening of local schools, the debate over safety and the concerns of parents, teachers, and others continue to be hashed over in meetings and in public. School boards are finalizing plans while reaching out to parents to keep them informed. Yet, in some aspects,  it is a very fluid situation. Teachers unions are seeking the intervention of the Ministry of Labour, adding uncertainty. The province is making last-minute decisions to provide school boards with flexibility around opening dates. And so it goes day-to-day.

Underpinning a lot of the plans is the health units across the province. Locally, it is no different. School boards have worked collaboratively with public health officials to finalize plans. To hear what is being done in Northumberland, here is Pam Stuckless, Director of Health Promotion to discuss this aspect.

Originally aired: September 4, 2020

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