Public school board reviews future of local schools as it prepares to reopen classrooms in fall

Talk to any parent about schooling their kids and you will get an earful. Talk to teachers and it is the same. No question. Bad or good, it is certainly one of the most challenging times for education since the first schools were built in Northumberland in the mid-19th century.

Children across the school board have not entered a building since March Break. Over the past three months, teachers, parents, and kids were forced to pivot from a traditional face-to-face learning environment to online. None of it has been easy. As the school board navigates these tricky waters, it also recently released it plans for the future of those buildings nobody is occupying right now. It is called the Accommodation Plan. It is done every five years. And, it deals with all aspects of keeping schools opened or closed.

Here is my conversation with public school board chairperson Diane Lloyd as we discuss these topics.

Originally aired: June 19, 2020

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