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Hospital continues to operate over capacity, but everyone is getting care, says NHH CEO

The hospital continues to operate over capacity, placing stresses on its ability to deal with patients in the emergency room, Northumberland Hills Hospital Executive Director Linda Davis says. In an interview with Consider This Northumberland,  she said the hospital currently fills 135 per cent of its beds, meaning it has one-third more people than the hospital can afford to operate. While it has received an additional $250,000 in funding from the Ontario government to open four more beds, it is not enough, Davis said, but the hospital works hard to ensure nobody is without care. In a series of candid answers, Davis outlined the challenges and successes of the hospital as it prepares for the proposed changes announced by the provincial government recently. She addresses directly complaints raised in the local news media about hallway medicine. Continue Reading →

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Hybrid health care is one of 10 things to save Canada’s system, says author

A two-tiered health care is one of several things necessary to repair what is wrong, says Stephen Skyvington, author of a new book titled This May Hurt a Bit: reinventing Canada’s health care system. In an interview with Consider This Northumberland, Skyvington gives his critique of the Ontario government’s recent proposals to overhaul the province’s system, as well as dissecting the Canada Health Care Act. He goes on to provide his 10 fixes as recommendations to those in charge as to what can be done to change things right now. Continue Reading →

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Cobourg mom shares life caring for autistic son and her fight against proposed funding changes


Cobourg mom Kristen Ellison is an outspoken critic of a proposal from the Ontario government to fund 23,000 autistic children on waiting lists currently. Her eight-year-old son, Carter, already receives funding to help cover the approximately $90,000 annual costs for support services. Families will be eligible for up to $20,000 a year for children under 6 — up to a lifetime maximum of $140,000. Children older than that can access up to $5,000 a year up to age 18, to a lifetime maximum of $55,000. The changes are slated to begin on April 1. Continue Reading →

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Young men do not look after health as they should, says public health nurse

Young men in Northumberland County may be taking greater risks to their health, a public health official said Friday. Karen Taylor, a public health nurse with the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit, said young men are more likely to experiment with drugs, drink too much alcohol, not eat properly, smoke or vape and other behaviours not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Young men are also more likely to suffer serious injuries from risky behaviours like speeding or participating in extreme sports or activities. Older men tend to avoid visiting doctors, also not eat healthily, do not get regular exercise, smoke and overconsume alcohol, and generally do not look after themselves, she added. This was all part of an interview about Movember, an international organization aimed at raising awareness around men’s physical and mental health. Continue Reading →

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Health unit responds to elimination of Basic Income pilot project

Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative government terminated the Basic Income program started by the Liberals during the summer session at Queen’s Park. The pilot program was meant to last one year, but it is cut short, leaving the recipients stranded. In response, the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit wrote a letter urging the government to change its mind. Public Health nurse Kristina Nairn talks about the impact of the changes on the people and public health, along with the contents of the letter on Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Frozen budget thaws after lobby efforts by health unit and county, director explains

Mary Catherine Masciangelo, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, for the Haliburton, Kawartha and Pine Ridge District Health Unit provides insight into the recent budget concern discussed at Northumberland County Council and how the lobby efforts led to an increase in basic funding from the provincial government following four years without additional money during an interview on Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM Continue Reading →

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Unique health service serves some of the most vulnerable in community

Northumberland Community Health Services Executive Director Duff Sprague discusses the unique services and approaches his organization uses to provide care to those who face chronic illness and other challenges due to low incomes, mental health issues, addictions, youth or are seniors on Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Community counselling centre looking for needed funds and merited recognition

In the mix of local mental health agencies sits a little-known non-profit organization struggling to make ends meet while trying to provide an array of services with little recognition, both in profile and funding. Northumberland Community Counselling Centre Executive Director Janet Irvine recently completed a tour of the county and municipal councils looking for funding. The centre was formed in 2007 after agencies and physicians realized the need for accessible, affordable generic counselling services. While many offer counselling for certain clients under specific criteria, the average person struggling with relationships problems or mourning the death of a family member or dealing with a problem child cannot always afford private rates. After a decade, the centre has grown to meet the expanding needs of the community offering referrals, education, support, advocacy and clinical services for every age group from children to seniors. Continue Reading →

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Health service integration needs to be led by local organizations

Coming off of a spate of imposed reviews led by the Central East Local Integrated Health Network (LHIN) over the past few years, the Northumberland Hills Hospital is currently in the midst of its strategic planning process, having consulted with more than 450 stakeholders. In a recent interview, board chairman Jack Russell and Chief Executive Officer Linda Davis agree the strategic plan is a logical next step. The smidgen of a budget surplus announced in early March is unquestionably a highpoint and bodes well for the future. So, where are the dark clouds? A couple of things jump to mind. Continue Reading →

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