New report shows violence against women on rise; so what is being done?

Opportunities for strategic alliances exist across the region

Violence Against Women in Northumberland

A recent report from Thrive Northumberland shows an increase in violence against women in the county. Drawing data from 20 organizations in the region clearly shows how women suffer from abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking victims.

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The numbers are not new. For some, they may not even be shocking.

Violence Against Women in Northumberland is on the rise. Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre, the Cobourg police, and others will tell you the same thing.

What makes this report from Thrive Northumberland different is how it brings the situation into a sharp perspective. Collecting data from 20 various organizations and service providers from across Northumberland, and in some cases Peterborough, a new picture emerges.

As you will hear in this interview on Consider This with Nicole Beatty, project coordinator for Thrive, there are countless opportunities for strategic alliances, cooperation, and efficiencies that would help women facing domestic violence, sexual assaults, and human trafficking. It is the most comprehensive report of its kind in Northumberland.

The big question is: Are those 20 organizations and services willing to take the steps necessary to make a difference? That answer might surprise you.

Originally aired: Jan. 1, 2021

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