Cobourg woman shares a story of abuse, pain and courage

Nicole Thompson

Quite often, when talking about women who are abused, people will say, “Why don’t they just leave.” But, it is never that simple.

On today’s show, Nicole Thompson, a Cobourg resident, will share her story of abuse. It is a story told with conviction and with brutal honesty. More than anything, it is a story about courage.

Nicole’s account of her journey away from abuse is like so many others. Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre is inviting the community to stand united with women, like Nicole and her family. November is Women Abuse Prevention Month, and its theme is Wrapped in Courage.

Due to the pandemic, the campaign this year is virtual. But the message remains the same. Along with the Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses, people living in Northumberland are being asked to show women they do not have to be alone when facing abuse – that there is help amongst colleagues at work, family, friends, and neighbours.

Everyone knows someone who has faced one form of abuse or another. It comes in the form of violence, harassment, or control. If you don’t know what abuse looks like, you really need to listen to Nicole on today’s show.

Here is my interview with Nicole Thompson and Nancy Johnston, executive director of Cornerstone, about Women Abuse Prevention Month.

Originally aired: Nov. 20, 2020

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