Cobourg mayor reflects on past year and the coming months in the face of an election year

Construction booming in Cobourg

Cobourg Mayor John Henderson says development and the local economy are booming.

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Cobourg is booming. If you ask Cobourg Mayor John Henderson, he would tell you. And, he has proof. All kinds of development is taking place, both residential and commercial. Several companies in Northam Industrial Park just renewed multi-year leases. Many initiatives are going on, from revising the official plan to supporting local businesses.

There is another side to this story. The cost of housing is skyrocketing. The average home in Northumberland sells for more than $800,000. Rents are through the roof, and finding a vacancy is next to impossible. The harbour needs $12 million worth of work, so it does not fall into Lake Ontario. Heritage buildings are under threat, facing uncertain futures. And, significant chunks of real estate are opening up at Brookside that could transform the town. So, lots is going on in 2022. And, to make things more exciting, it is a municipal election year. The mayor will talk about all of this and more. Here is that interview.

Originally aired: Jan. 21, 2022

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