Henderson addresses critical issues as he seeks third term as mayor of Cobourg



John Henderson is running for this third term on the Cobourg council.

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The full interview with bonus material:

For 38 years, John Henderson has lived in Cobourg. For most of that time, he has served the community. At first, he sat on various boards and committees. Then, 12 years ago, he ran for council. He was elected mayor in 2018.

Henderson wants to be mayor for another term. The upcoming session is full of challenges. It includes a massive expansion of the town in the northeast corner. The Brookside property represents prime land along King Street, which is currently under provincial jurisdiction. Housing and rentals seem out of reach. Homeless people are camping in parks and public spaces. Opioid overdoses are at crisis levels. Inflation is hitting everyone and a recession sits on the horizon.

And, that is not a comprehensive list.

This is part of a series of interviews with the mayoral candidates running for office across Northumberland County this fall. I will not be interviewing deputy mayor or council candidates. There are just too many of them. However, you can look for candidate information in the Municipal Election 2022 section on the website for this show.

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